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In Topic: Video tutorial FLY 4 FUN by Guido Maiocchi

15 December 2013 - 10:24 AM

WOW! that 'rising fade' of Richard Debray ...amazing stuff and so cleanly executed too. I've seen something similar from one of the Flying Squad (Simon or Stephen, can't be sure) ...a 'Falling Fade' where they were Flic'ing with the Rev midway in the sky and Flac'ing as the kite reached the ground.


Thanks for making these videos Guido ...I'm sure we all very much appreciate them, sterling work!



In Topic: Axel tips?

15 December 2013 - 10:12 AM

Doing axels on a RevII are a delight ...maybe not in very strong winds mind you!


...do try it in more moderate ones though, especially if its vented II ...a friend of mine had one, trying it out I could do double axels on one pop, until my arms hurt :)



In Topic: Best Rev for windy conditions?

15 December 2013 - 10:06 AM

Good good advice!!!


Met up some very nice Rev fliers from 'up norf' when I was in the UK.


Yeah ...try before you buy but more importantly meeting up with others who've learnt it the hard way or who've years ago acted on the same words of wisdom ..who doesn't want to pick up a few pointers especially when starting out ...me I learnt the hard way, made all the mistakes, although not the rods on the front of the kite one smile.png


Sure you never know along with making kite friends, getting free advice ...you might be able to talk them into selling one of their 'beaters' to you.



In Topic: Loose ferrule?

15 December 2013 - 09:49 AM

I've heard of many of the above fixes, can't attest to freezing rods or using nail polish remover (must keep them in mind though) ...but I can say that I've gone down the boil water route and it worked for me that time.



In Topic: New Vid - Practice Day (mostly on tip landing maneuvers)

15 December 2013 - 09:43 AM

Certainly concur as far as end caps go, they can be in for a bit of abuse (those unintentional hard landings) especially when learning to get to grips with a Rev and thereafter when 'walking the Rev', dragging tips across surfaces and other tricks that involve contact with the ground ...luckily enough I've not had any connectors (I'd imagine others chiming in will have) split on my Revs, touch wood :) Depending on what surface you fly on, hard pact and course surfaces obviously you'll be risking grinding those end caps, but also breaking rods, puncturing sails and damaging leading edges dacron.


Bridle wear?! Yeah for sure you'll get a lot of wear on them, from both friction and stretch. One of those inescapable situations if you fly your kite a lot, exaggerated if you fly in stronger wind conditions. Yep I've tied knots whilst out on the beach (anything than returning all the way back to car to get another kite) a good field fix if you suffer a bridle break but you will most probably notice a slightly unbalance in the kite by tying a knot in one corner of the bridle, not hugely but probably enough to notice a difference in flight characteristics ...on some of my Revs I've made small pigtails that interface between the connectors and the bridle itself (as I've noticed over the years this is where most wear occurs), only problem is that it adds that small amount to the bridle length, but I usually compensate for this as I make my own bridles up.


As for the fraying of the dacron on the LE ...most here you'll find just run the flame from a cigarette lighter close to the frayed edge, in doing so seals and stops it fraying anymore. Goes without saying remove the rod before trying this :)


Hey whats wrong with a Rev with a few battle worn scars ...gives em more character I say :)