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In Topic: Rev 2015 Up-date from the Rev office

29 April 2015 - 07:03 AM

Still looking for the banner pole.  When will it reach the East Coast?  There are several of us in NC that are eagerly awaiting them.

All you have to do is call Lolly! A bunch of us east coasters already have them. I was using mine for most of this past weekend at MIKE/MASKC in Ocean City

In Topic: Wildwoods International Kite Festival 2015

26 March 2015 - 04:52 PM

Count me in for 5/21-5/26 as well...I just need to remember to call the Oceanic for a room!

In Topic: Wildwoods International Kite Festival 2015

18 March 2015 - 05:27 AM

So psyched for #30! I told Marc last year that there was no way I was missing this anniversary, even if I did an international trip early in the year (that's what derailed me from coming the past two years).


Count me in...

In Topic: Developing a street style

18 March 2015 - 05:25 AM

It seems the folks who are best at this style of flying have some pretty serious indoor skills.

I'd actually argue that it's the other way around -- having serious UL wind condition experience makes you a better indoor flyer! DC is known for it's awful wind conditions, especially in the hot months, and I've found that indoor is easier when i'm not worried about a 1mph "gust" knocking my kite out of the air!


To me, the main thing is learning the correct feel on the handles for when the sail is loaded, even when the kite isn't pulling. You want to be able to maintain that feel as you pull back on the handles to generate relative wind. Once the kite has started moving forward, you can move your hands forward again, thanks to the momentum you've just given the kite. Practice moving the kite through the entire hemisphere around you. Perhaps start by putting the kitedown wind and then pulling the lines to bring the kite straight up and over your head, then letting it glide back downwind. Practice doing 360s with the kite positioned vertically a few feet off the ground.


But, as always, have fun. Nothing else matters...

In Topic: helium

02 December 2014 - 09:07 AM

My indoor kite of choice is my outdoor kite of choice up to about 8-10mph: a B2 with race frame and no bridle. Can't recall ever breaking a stick, inside or out. While I'd certainly be curious to try a new sail from Revolution (and would probably buy one!), I already feel like I have the best single solution!



8631453005_32a4de0294_n.jpgJeff with a custom indoor revolution kite by alloyjared, on Flickr