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Parkour (Free Running) + Urban Rev Performance

25 August 2014 - 06:25 AM





Here's one of the performances between the Parkour (Free Running) group from Singapore "Ashton Movements Agency" and a few Revolution Kite Flyers from Singapore on our short line urban kite flying setup.
This is something so new and probably unheard of before everywhere, mixing parkour with urban Rev. We have our hits and misses but hope it is enough to inspire all kite flyers out there to start thinking out of the box to mix kite flying with non-traditional elements to create something that is totally unique and mindblowing.
I know I was inspired.
NTUC Income Kite Festival 2014 presented by ACT 3 International
The Promontory - Singapore
Kite Flyers:
Siaw Jian Wen
Vincent Anne Lee
Chean Vooi
Chun Ti Cheong
Parkour Runners:
From Ashton Movement Agency
2014 August 24

Challenging Revolution Mega Fly in Singapore

03 September 2013 - 07:25 PM



Last weekend, more than Singapore 20 Rev fliers got together and did what must be one of the most challenging mega flys anyone have ever done - flying over the water with very little room to move and with trees and buildings all around us.

Some are seasoned fliers, some have flown for maybe not more than a year. In the end, the result looks pretty majestic



Enjoy :)