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In Topic: Difference in Rev rods?

10 August 2007 - 03:31 AM

I think he wants a 3-wrap skinny leading edge if all he has in a SLE leading edge.

Actually I decided to do both. Get a 3-wrap skinny LE and a complete 2-wrap frame.

Thanks guys.

In Topic: Difference in Rev rods?

04 August 2007 - 05:14 AM

The smaller spar will help a lot, and some basic techniques might go a long way as well.


FYI, I fly with my top lines lengthened (with leaders) by about 4" to 6"...

This lessens the SLE's tendency to flutter and fall out of the sky, and helps you gain ground in light winds. ;)

Thanks for the tips John. I tried 6" leaders yesterday and that helped a lot. Also did a lot of walking backwards. (If your on the beach, watch out for holes people have dug in the sand :pinch: ). One more question on rod sizes. My wing rods are marked Ultra Light making them 3-wrap I'm assuming. If I can only afford to get one set of lighter leading edge rods right now, would you recommend 4-wrap or 3-wrap?

Thanks again,

In Topic: Difference in Rev rods?

02 August 2007 - 05:43 PM

I'm new to Rev kites and this forum. This topic looked like a good place to post my question. :blushing: I recently bought a REV 1.5 SLE. She flew great the first two times out. However, both times the wind was at the top of the advertised wind window of 4 - 20 MPH. Today I took the kite out in 5 - 6 MPH winds and could barely keep her in the air. Realising I'm still in a learning curve, I'm not blaming the kite. However, she really seemed nose heavy. Should I be thinking about aquiring smaller LE spars to fly in winds this light or do I just need more finese?