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In Topic: Maryland International Kite Exposition

11 March 2009 - 11:16 AM

We will have several fields sectioned off for the various kite flying activities (Big Kites, Sport Kites, General Public Field, Manufacturer Field, etc). There are no fees to participate in the event. If you would like to perform a demo in front of the Boardwalk crowds then you can sign up for a time slot. Of course we will have a free buffet for all the kite flyers attending the event on Saturday. Come, have fun and bring some good weather. :lol:

Hey Jay,
You've moved me to post for the first time!!!!
Looks like MIKE will be an incredible BLAST this year! Skydog Kites will be setting up the first ever Dog Pound where there will be fun and interaction for ALL! Audience participation with kites and kiting will be our key focus. Look for the Skydog Band to play live on the beach for several sets on Saturday and they will LOVE to have some Quad Flying to their music!!
Should be a CRAZY great time!