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Repeated torn Blast sail

08 October 2007 - 07:51 PM

Earlier this evening I flew my Blast for perhaps the 4th time since purchasing it this summer. After a couple of frustrating attempts in the summer, I got the hang of it, only to have a tear occur in the sail. I could not determine what caused it, and after months at Rev I paid $49 in repair charges. It appeared to the vendor, and to me, that the sail was a brand new one, and that a replacement was provided rather than a repair made.

After about a half hour of flying with my repaired kite, I notice it starting to get noisier, and landing it I discovered this new or repaired sail has torn in *exactly* the same spot, with no discernable trauma (I was flying on a maintained athletic field).

Have their been other problems like the one I describe? I am convinced a flaw is present in a lot of Rev Blast kites.