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In Topic: Repeated torn Blast sail

20 November 2007 - 06:51 AM

Epilogue on the torn Blast:

I received the repaired sail yesterday, and the work is extremely good. Postings on this forum and conversations with Ben at Rev have been illuminating, and I am ready to "restart" my Blast experience, benefitting from all I have learned and my practice with my 1.5.

Thanks to Ben and everyone else who assisted me.


In Topic: Repeated torn Blast sail

13 October 2007 - 12:35 PM

Amazing. I'm no expert on stress but my guess is that Revolution will provide a replacement sail by return. And for sure they will want to make some study of your stressed out replacement.

Actually, the worst part for me is that I have come to regard the Blast as fragile. I got an SLE while waiting (and waiting) for the Blast to be repaired, and now I think I should have added more SLE's to get more pull. Ah, well...

In Topic: Repeated torn Blast sail

13 October 2007 - 10:13 AM

Usually a good solid slam into the ground leading edge first under a lot of power will put a tremendous amount of stress on the opposite side of the sail right in the center where the mylar is. What will happen is the mylar will rip out where it connects on both sides of the kite to the ripstop. On the speed series, it will usually blow open the center of the kite right where the "V" is at. This point is heavily reinforced with Kevlar and stitching but with a hard enough impact, even the Kevlar won't hold up.

I don't know if this would be considered a warranty issue as it is caused by aggressive slamming of the kite into the ground. The nice thing is that is fairly simple and cheap to repair. Usually you can patch the area that is torn out. In worst case situations you replace the entire panel that is ripped with a new piece.

I have a couple Blast's and also two Power Blast 2-4's and one 4-8 that I use regularly with a buggy. I have buggied with my Blast in winds over 30 mph. and with the 2-4 in winds well over 20 mph. I find it very unlikely that the sail would tear out from the wind. They are built pretty bullet proof. I did slam my first 2-4 into the ground hard enough to shatter all four verticals, two of which punctured the sail (which prompted me to purchase a second one). The first one was repaired with double sided sail tape and new rods and is still flies flawlessly. The sail held up just fine other than the punctures.

Best bet....talk to your retailer or Rev once again and see what they can do for you. They should be able to repair your kite again but I am not sure if it would be under warranty. That would be their discretion.

John here again, attempting to post photos that show the tear. I have put a piece of white paper behind the tear to enhance contrast. The tear initiates (just as my first Blast did) on the edge, with what is an incredible clean separation of the edge seem. All the other tearing is on the ripstop, and is jagged.

As this is a repeat, and I fear entering a cycle, I am going to attempt to contact Rev directly on this, and cut my dealer (who is a very nice guy - David at Chicago Kite) out of the communication loop. If there is interest in the resolution (I was posting only to see if others had experienced this), I can post the outcome.


In Topic: Repeated torn Blast sail

09 October 2007 - 08:21 AM

I also never had a problem with my Blast, it was one of the first manufactured.
Did you hit the ground at any time or were all the landings smooth and controlled?
Do you have a photo of the tear so we can look at it?

I will take some photos tonight and post them tomorrow. I definitely put the leading edge into the ground several times, so there was a jarring to the sail as well as the tension stress of flight. What there wasn't was an impact with the ground or anything else by the sail in vicinity of the rip.

In Topic: Repeated torn Blast sail

09 October 2007 - 05:24 AM

Where was the tear?
My theory: The blast can generate a goodly amount of pull. If you fly it without much brake, the trailing edge will flutter quite bit which might cause a tear between the mylar and ripstop.

Or, you just got unlucky. Twice.

It does produce a lot of pull, and yesterday it jerked me around solidly in the gusty Chicago winds. I am just suprised it can't take it, and the location of tear is such that the edge between the reinforcement that connects the ripstop to the mylar separated on the riptop side. I will post what happens, but will revert back to flying my SLE.