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#82147 Cartwheels across the window?

Posted by Bazzer on 20 July 2011 - 12:57 PM

I'm adept? Thanks. I consider myself a hack!

I have issues with reverse flight, but it's not a total write-off. I can't do it without thought which I'd like to but I can do it. Mainly it is not always perfectly level or consistant speed and sometimes I over control and flip a tip out but it isn't stopping me from moving on. I practice reverse flight every time I go out and in different orientations. This year at WSIKF I am going to observe under the smoother winds and then pick more brains to see if I can ge the rest of the kinks out.

Transitions are coming along good for me. Not all over the sky when I do them now so one more baby step.

I might have to sit out your 9 x 9 grid cartwheel!


Your no hack Bart!
A word of advice to anyone trying reverse flight.
A vented kite reverses easier. Bart is lucky enough to own a Xtra vent. It is the easiest kite to reverse fly.
If you can hold a side ways hover on two middle fingers(ie not have the kite running forward) Your brake setting is correct.
that is a good general rule for set up each time you fly.
To much forward on the kite will mean larger wrist rotations which lead to bigger mistakes and over corrections.
When turning corners on a horizontal ladder in reverse remember you are switching from one side ways hover to the other whilst travelling. So your hands must change from one hover to the other during the corner.
Travelling rotations are clock work while traveling. Focus on the middle of the kite and keep tension on all lines. AGAIN if you are running to much forward it is more difficult.

#81174 Wear Strips

Posted by Bazzer on 21 June 2011 - 04:32 PM

Hi Ben,

Are these "compulsory" mods? Given a choice, could I opt for future BPros not to come with these vertical strips? Just curious as I still prefer the look of the kite without the vertical strips.


Hi Darryl,
The Standard B Series Pros will all have these strips on them.
They are not on Mids or Vented.
If you wish for your kite not to have wear strips please make it known on your order.
I will more than happily make you a kite that will wear out quicker.


#77560 Best Kite of 2010: B-Series Pro

Posted by Bazzer on 08 February 2011 - 06:30 PM

While enjoying the SPI banquet in South Padre Island (TX) this weekend, past KTAI board members John Barresi (Kitelife.com), Chris Shultz (HQ Kites) and Rob Cembalest (New Tech Kites) stood up on stage to give a brief report on the KTAI trade show which was held the week prior in Las Vegas, and to announce the SPI Kite Festival as having been recognized as the Best Kite Festival of 2010.

I also knew John had received an award for Best Kite Promotional Effort of 2010 with Kitelife Magazine, but all of a sudden John steps up to the microphone and starts talking about the KTAI Best Kite of 2010 award and calling me up to the stage.


The KTAI award for best kite of 2010 was awarded to Revolution Kites for the B-Series Pro, particularly notable since the original factory B-Series won the same award in 2008.

First time around, it was for the design and John's efforts, this time, for everything I'd put in which made it a Pro kite, taking it to the next level.

Ben, Lolly and John had received the award for Revolution, and collectively decided that this one was mine.

I was completely off guard I collected the award, and while standing there it was fantastic to see my teammates and fellow flyers applauding. Big grin time!

This is for all of you, the award will sit with pride in the Glued To The Blue trophy room.

Your comments and thoughts helped me hone the great flying B-Series into a new generation, The B-Series Pro.

This would not have been possible without the input of you the Rev flyers, Ben Dantonio, Lindsey Johnson and especially my team mates, past and present, on iQuad.

PS we are not done tweaking yet!

#74419 New XTRA Vent

Posted by Bazzer on 21 October 2010 - 08:36 AM

I have never been a fan of dropping 2 leading edges into a vented B Pro, but what choice did we have?
Although comical to see your smallest member on your team bounce down the flying field, it was never ideal.
There have been many very good Super/Mega vent quad line kites before but none of them have handled like a B Pro.
Yep you have guessed it!
Here it is.
The XTRA Vent.

display sheet for Extra Vent.jpg

More vents, less resistance and reinforced where it can stretch and blow out.
3 wrap frame, 4 is too stiff!
Wind speed 18mph and up. Tested in 35mph gusts with no problem. Felt like a mid vent in 12mph.
When the wind gets too much for the vented stick one of these on.
These are the standard colours.
Customs negotiable as always.
Merry Christmas

Ben is working on the $. So be patient. First batch of 10 will be leaving my door for the factory in 3 weeks.

For those lucky few who have tested this on the beach please let the Family know what we are talking about.
I'm a bit biased....I love it!
So that's the low end, mid range and high end sorted...what do you want next?

#73449 Got my Zen!

Posted by Bazzer on 21 September 2010 - 06:15 PM

Also, you have chosen to have the increased weight and rigidity at the outside of the wing and the increased flex and decreased weight in the center. Does that improve handling?

In my mind yes. The flex that is. I like the heavier tips for axels and also the flex of the 3 wrap over the race rod.
Don't get hung up weighing everything.
It needs weight in the front edge to throw it around corners. Physics and gravity. You still need to produce air speed when there isn't any. The bigger sail allows you to move less.
Don't be tempted to put a ton of forward on the kite.
Its like having a beach ball of air in the middle of your sail.
The more your bring the top edge toward you the more it falls off the bottom of the sail.
Same as to much brake will send the ball over the top edge.
I'm not getting into all of the weight versus lift stuff because basically when your out on the field it means nowt. Same as a wind speed meter.
If you expect a kite to fly with out air movement............erm its a kite.
Put a motor on it. Or move a little.
You still need light wind technique to fly in low winds...go figure!
This just makes it easier.

#73247 Light Wind Setup Opinions Wanted

Posted by Bazzer on 15 September 2010 - 07:12 AM

I was surprised to find that the Zen is by FAR the heaviest Rev that I own, but I can certainly feel the difference in the limited test conditions I've had for it.

Prior to the Zen, my low wind setup was a 1.5 B-series with full race frame which comes in at 170g. While I understand the Zen is bigger and has longer spars, I was surprised at the tank like leading edge and the 249g total weight - a bit more than a 46% increase in weight.

I'm waiting until I can get conditions where I can fly the 1.5 and Zen against each other - ideally when I'm starting to struggle on the 1.5 B. We get gusts where I fly so I need the wind to get well into the 0-6 mph range for fear of a gust over-stressing my Zen.

I don't have a Pro, but maybe the Zen flies better thanks to a sprinkling of Bazzer dust.


It sounds like you are about to do wing loading equations Stephen!
Don't make me break out the SLE and beat you with it!
Anyway the equations won't help.
You are missing three fractal elements!

Magic sprinkles ...........ABRA 03
Rainbows ..................Spectrainium
Unicorn hairs in the core of the carbon..................... UNI3C ....as it appears on the periodic table(please note the 3 due to the number of strands)


#71046 WSIKF Parking Pass for Syd Snider

Posted by Bazzer on 13 July 2010 - 06:31 AM

Guys if you are considering getting a pass just for your Rev bag please reconsider.
Remember we have PA stuff to get there and the nearest parking is only a few hundred feet away.
Also the reason we are moving down there is to make space to fit 100 revs.
AS soon as we park fifty cars down there we had just as well be back at the other entrance.
So please think about it.

#68340 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival (memory of Erv Crosby)

Posted by Bazzer on 13 April 2010 - 07:01 AM

I can't wait to fly over the Tulips!!! :kid_smartass:

Island Quad's Terry, Willow, Brad and I will be all the weekend!!!! Steve De Roy (Mutant) and Monks will be sharing some flying with us too :kid_devlish: :kid_devlish: Anybody else available for a mega fly??


i'll be up on Sunday.