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Pro Extra Vented in high wind vs B2 Vented

04 May 2014 - 10:16 PM

When it is blowing hard enough that the sand is being picked up off the beach I usually put away my Vented 1.5 and switch to my Vented B2.  But when it is blowing too hard for the Vented B2, is the Pro Extra Vent the next step?  I was flying my B2 Vented to the sides and top of the window yesterday to minimize the pull. I measured around 25 mph with some much higher gusts. I would have liked something that pulled less because after 3 hours of wind and rain I was wiped out.


I am wondering if anyone has flown both the named kites on the same day, in the same wind, and can give me a comparison.  I drive to the coast maybe 4-5 times a year to fly so - -  I fly no matter what the weather is doing.  Wanting a little more top end capacity even though there has been only 3 trips I would have used it.