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Im Selling a few kites

29 April 2012 - 01:17 AM

Hi folks,hope you are all ok and getting plenty,Truth is i feel a little awkward as ive not been on for a while and here iam selling stuff[ :blushing: ]Ive PMd JB and hope its kewl with him.If not no probs at all.
Truth is,im not flying much these days.Various reason realy,Family,health and other intrests.I also realy need some house room.No other reasons,just makes sense to get them flying,instead of being bagged up:) .

Family- dont realy have any intrest now.Kids are at that age.

Health-got some weird disease diagnosed a month or so ago.Had it a while[without whinging],its just worse now and doesnt get any better[degenerative]Afects the bones,nerve ends and tendons.Medications simple,physio sorted,and PMA.When i fly in anything but lite winds,the shoulders,knees,hands ,back and feet are agony.Couldnt walk for days after last session with the team.Didnt go out the house for Months late last year my feet hurt so much,It can be a Ba....d,but the specialist doc has given me some meds and advice which are good.

Other intrests-To many to list.....lol

Upside is its not life threatening,im far from disabled,just need to take it easy,i will still keep some kites and fly.

Link to breif list kites for sale.I will have a full list soon,ive about sixty revs and stacks of others stuff.


BRIAN... Posted Image

JB,Pm sent to ya mate.


First Team Fly For 12mths

18 October 2011 - 06:40 AM

Posted Image Hello everyone,its been a while.Hope your all gerin plenty.

Had our first team fly for nearly a year on Saturday,,,,,,,, :blushing: ......Missed my pals this year v much,but the practice even more and it shows.

Just wanted to say a big Hello Everyone.
The days of bad spelling,pork pies,gerups are back.