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#84610 First Team Fly For 12mths

Posted by big bri on 18 October 2011 - 06:40 AM

Posted Image Hello everyone,its been a while.Hope your all gerin plenty.

Had our first team fly for nearly a year on Saturday,,,,,,,, :blushing: ......Missed my pals this year v much,but the practice even more and it shows.

Just wanted to say a big Hello Everyone.
The days of bad spelling,pork pies,gerups are back.


#65253 STOPPED SMOKING,,,,,,,

Posted by big bri on 27 January 2010 - 01:17 PM

Weeeeelllllll,ive now done THREE DAYS,THREE DAYS,,,,,,,,,,,,

Im on the latest supa dupa patch.Along with a plastic simulation of a cigarette that gives ya a boost on those week moments.

After smoking around forty a day now for a long while.Ive decided to give it a go and so far,so good.The patch and plastic cig realy do seem to work.They take the craving away.

I put the patches over my eyes at first so i couldnt find my cigs...... :kid_devlish:



Posted by big bri on 25 January 2010 - 03:32 PM

Have to say.My opening question was,Whats Going On,,,,,, why are our lines binding.I think its a good topic for on here.Even thought i had most of it figured out WHY.Some great replys and info.Which is what its all about and appreciated.

So,the answer to my question is,a combination of things.

The weather,wet,damp,thickish Fog and low winds.Around 3 or 4mph and lower,Not ideal and out of my control
Beech flying,sand,salt,perhaps other foreign bodies.Usual place we fly,no new enterties
Mix of 50lb and 90lb lines.Perhaps all the same works better.All on same poundage.This we have control over
The move when the binding happened,compound benefits.Avoid this particular type of move in the conditions.This we have control over
Some of the line sets needed a clean.Never seen a wash and wher worn.Mine wher Mint,perhaps some dont see the importance of looking after ther kit,Outa my control,its ther gear
Team flying,Worth remembering thers sixteen lines at work.Not just four.

Personally,i wash my lines regular in fresh water.Rinse under the tap,,,,,,job done,end of.Never had a problem with LPG

Silicon,wax,sewers aid,hair conditioner,shampoo,Armorol,,,,,,,,,ive never needed them,just keep my lines clean.Used silicon once a while ago,,,,Hated it,but if someone in the team is useing the stuff.Then perhaps it rubs off.The lines we used on Saturday.Wher our own personal linesets.Not from the team bag.The team lines all get treated the same way and are saved for events
Kept in a pleasant,controled enviroment..... :kid_frustrated:


#65178 KITECALENDAR,its usefull and funny

Posted by big bri on 24 January 2010 - 03:22 PM

I Have to applaud the great folk that produce The Kitecalendar.I think over in the UK we use it mostly,but it has loads of International events and stuff on ther.

I have used its dates and info for festivals now for years and years.Its a great tool.Thers Allsorts of intresting stuff.

What i didnt realise is, its also quite Funny.
Thers a link below to Kitecalendar.Scroll down to the very bottom and click the link in yellow called....Tv and Radio Bloopers

I laughted at many of them.I havent read them all, but so far,its all good clean fun.

link,,, http://www.kitecalendar.co.uk/


#65076 UK Rev Flying Weekend North East England

Posted by big bri on 21 January 2010 - 12:34 AM

Hi Vince,great job by you fellas btw.Numbers are looking v good.Just need some gales and storms and we are sorted ... :blue-grin:

What about we have an Auction at the Meal or after it.
Donate the pot to Haiti.Doesnt have tobe Masterpieces and 100 notes.If everyone brings somthing kite related,STAKE BOB,HANDLES BAZZ,Lines,doesnt realy matter what it is.Ive Bid & bought alsorts over the years from kite Auctions.Everyone has somthing they dont use anymore i bet.

Would be a good laugh also.


#64802 Suggested line sets

Posted by big bri on 13 January 2010 - 01:33 AM

Hi and Welcome
Everything seems tobe covered by the above gentlemen.
One small thing we do with our lines is.Have one line on a winder[tiny winder]made to the same length as the set we team fly on.Then if we snap a line.Its a quick job to just change that line.Rather than all four.We only use 50lb and 90lb sets and ther coulor coded by the sleeving,so easy to tell apart.

LPG is the line we use.Laser Pro Gold[LPG] :blue_wink:


#64168 Ideal festival base tent

Posted by big bri on 03 January 2010 - 06:19 AM

Kev has just purchased EIGHT...lol
From Stockport Branch

Six Std base models at 29 ,,,,Great call Bazz
Two Full Base models at 65..This model has four opening doors.Two of them open and connect to the small pop ups[2second tents] .The other DOORS open like the std models DOORS.The price should be 129.The prices do vary from store to store and arent always advertised on the Interweb,so make the call before traveling.Its more exspensive at Nottingham to purchase ther,than Stockport branch on this model,so worth findout in advance.

Which now means.We can accomodate a full Mega Team and offer a variety of Accommadation options or cause enough wind disturbance at a festival.That we create our own Micro Climate to fly in.

We now have,
Eight small pop ups
Ten base models
Two Full Base,,,,WHY,I realy do not know,,,,lol

We have 2 weeks free in July[red month] and all August and september[blue months]can be reserved.


#64069 Ideal festival base tent

Posted by big bri on 01 January 2010 - 02:13 PM

No I need the safe built in before I leave, I came away from the North with quite a lot more than I went with, they might have noticed and attempt recovery.

I beleive the package[s] of goods arrived ok.Dont be fooled into a false sense of security or into thinking ther actually realy what they apear tobe

Trust no one,suspect everyone

Your now Bugged and Videoed 24-7 and that scratching noise isnt your new hearing aid bedding in.Its our kit tunneling its way back home,with your mega vent plans.