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Stupid question time!

22 November 2009 - 11:23 AM

Ive got two things currently that Ive been trying to do and failing completely with, so was wondering if anyone could give me some tips as Im at a complete loss as to what Im doing wrong despite hurting my little brain trying to work it out! and would be very grateful if anyone can help me crack it.

1) If I fly towards the floor while the kite is inverted, then do a 90 degree turn to make the leading edge face to right - how come I then cant make the kite fly right? It just loses height rapidly and hits the floor, sometimes with a little bit of a spin on its way down. Noticed that I couldnt do it while messing about and have since tried over and over with no joy.

Still trying to master that gorgeous propeller thingy, can manage to make the right shape sort of but again losing height so it isnt on the spot and ends up in a crash most of the time?

Thank you very much for any tips, especially any that stop me hitting the brick wall I have been over it. there is obviously loads and loads more that I cant do but cracking these two things would be good for now!