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In Topic: stacking powerblast?

06 February 2014 - 10:41 AM

Just one Powerblast 4-8 is OK (for traction) from something like 4.5 m/s wind...


I have tried to make a bigger one by myself for lighter wind, but there is a problem of total weight, and the kite is finally not really usefull under the same amount of wind! So, I suspect that stacking 2 Powerblast 4-8 will have the same result...


But there is a solution, now...: just take a Flysurfer Peak 6, remove its original lines and control bar, and just connect your Powerblast lines and handles to this fabulous new kite:)


Flying it is very similar, with all the same advantages of a Powerblast, and a lot more: easy flying, no rod to break, packing/unpacking, etc. wink.png