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#83360 Headed To Play With Our English Friends, UK here I come...

Posted by Sailor99 on 28 August 2011 - 12:19 PM

It was a delight to see the big man again although I was saddened that he is still in pain. In the photo Ben is enjoying an unusual bit of sunshine in the company of two of the Strip Lynchets, Sanja and myself.

During the festival we all stay at a place called Rees Hall which during term time is student accommodation. The breakfasts are good, but the beds are appallingly uncomfortable! So as I lay there at 0300 this morning, with a spring sticking in my back, I was thinking. It's a big old world and as we sit here on opposite sides of the Atlantic separated by a common language. I think we sometimes concentrate on our differences rather than the common ground, or at least I do; not least of late Chinese kites. It seems there are different points of view that are so opposed I suspect we will struggle to find agreement and closure. It's no secret that Ben and my view is not the same, and I was expecting him to pick an argument with me at some point over the weekend. So I was totally disarmed and touched when he gave me a lovely set of custom handles, which are on the sofa besides me now. I wonder if we would be better off concentrating on the common ground: We all love flying kites in good company, and that we should therefore respect and be bigger than our differing points of view? No arguing, no bullying, no rubbing it in, just kite flying? I like to think that was what Mr Dantonio was trying to make me understand with his gift.

We did a bit of a megafly. No record was set (there were 30 or 40 flyers, I didn't count) but IMHO the coordination was the best I have had the honour of taking part in. It all seemed to gel , not least thanks to the leadership of the callers. We had Scottish, Spanish, French, English and probably other nationalities of flyers taking part - again I wasn't noting the nationalities down as it didn't seem to matter. I wonder if any American or Canadian flyers maybe able to join us again next year...........

#19919 B series handle tuning

Posted by Sailor99 on 20 May 2008 - 11:09 AM

There is no right answer! Correct me if I am wrong but I believe Mr B also says experiment to find what tickles your fancy. I personally like quite a lot of brake so I fly two or three knots from the end on the top and on the first from the end on the bottom. BUT.... In higher winds I let the top right out the end, and in really high wind I have an extra knot on the bottom attachments on the bridle so that I can get even more brake. Maybe I am just cautious - I am known for my moderate, considered and introverted flying (that comments for you Choccy and Groz ;) ). Other people I fly with seem to fly with one or two knots of extra tension on the top line.

So, how to disassemble all that contradictory information and say something useful to you. May I suggest, on a 'normal' wind day, you start one knot from the end on the bottom and don't bother changing it. Then start with 3 knots from the end on the top. See how you go for half an hour. Then let the top out to two from the end - whats the difference, and do you enjoy it? Then bring it into the 4th from the end - is that better or worse? That way you will find out your preference. But don't stop experimenting there - on different days, with different winds, and being in a different mood you will prefer other settings. And it doesn't stop there! You can also start experimenting with different rod combinations. And there's more!! Once you get your vented you can try different rods, on different kits, with different handle settings!!!

And that is the joy of revs. Nothing is right, nothing wrong. Don't think of it as not knowing what is best because of lack of experience. Think of it like having a whole wardrobe of different kites at your disposal. Just take out the combination of shirt, socks and trousers that takes your fancy on the day. All you need to understand is that lighter rods, and tighter top lines give you more lift and power. More brake and looser top lines tends to give you more precision. Venting makes the kite more forgiving and, in a high wind, less of a handful. Selection the combination of lift, response, accuracy and forgivingness is up to you!

#18816 Sunderland Internation Kite Festival

Posted by Sailor99 on 07 May 2008 - 09:02 PM

I would love to. Really love to. And thanks for yet another generous offer Steven. But one of my races finishes that weekend, so I have to be in Liverpool. Very disappointed.