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#28559 Light Wind Setup Opinions Wanted

Posted by Revkitedancer on 01 September 2008 - 09:26 AM

Someone send that girl some short lines. Then you can pracitce with what you have. You'll be amazed.

Any 1.5 w/out the SLE will work. It will take practice, but that's what we consider fun.

Next, talk Indoor for Xmas. The Indoor is good 0 -maybe 3 mph. So you can practice outside, especially around twilight.. which we call the dead zone. Seems like less wind about that time.

If you would like invitations in the future, then indoor flying is a plus, maybe even a must.

I'm inland and started with a 1.5 on short lines. It has a larger wind window then the indoor. It works in 0 to wind. lol When you get your indoor you will absolutely fall in love with it. 3-D flying feels like freedom of expression. Huh Spence?

What do I fly with? Different lengths of short lines, SUL handles, Nothing ever less then 90 lbs. I'm a drag queen and break anything under 90 lbs.

Practice long arms. Extend those arms out and that will give you more pull for lift. (We just started doing this because it looked better.)
Practice moving your body for no wind flying.
Practice pointing the bottom of your handles straight up. You'll have to create more lift if you don't give it more direction.

Yup, they've all said it; Practice, Practice, Practice.

Just Do it! from NIKE who did you know, is the Greek Winged Goddess of Victory?

BB Penny ~who looks forward to seeing you fly one day.