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In Topic: Sending hugs and well wishes to Penny!!!

03 April 2009 - 05:27 AM

Thank you all for the well wishes. 7 days in the hospital is enough to knock the stuffing out of anyone. But, I did make it to Lincoln City. (Never flew so cold in my life. No practice in 2 weeks)

Steve wouldn't bring me a kite to fly in the hospital, but a new Rev did arrive and he brought that to me. Thank you Rev!! It's painted and made it's maiden flight at Lincoln City.

Now, I can find blind folded, and if I loose a limb, I can fly single handle. I've got music in my head, so if I go deaf it will still be good...So.. a little hospital visit won't stop me. Thank you again for the well wishes. BB Penny

In Topic: Rev flying

03 April 2009 - 05:15 AM

It's great exercise, indoors and out. Mentally and physically. Now can I get a note for my Doctor and write it off on my insurance? BB Penny :)

In Topic: antman.s car crash

09 February 2009 - 06:54 AM

Wow Ant, Way to get our attention. So glad to hear your ok.
See how flying kites keeps your body strong enough to withstand most anything! Stay safe.


In Topic: Does this count for anything?

15 October 2008 - 05:45 AM

I've flown with IQuad and watched them move backwards as needed. It only takes a few steps, and then you regain your ground.

Moving backwards is just one way to get you there till you find complete control, and then it will add to you window later.

If you have to rotate your wrist for more lift, the kite is going to have to lay down just like your handles, that's why a little lift wouldn't hurt.

When I call calls with people, and they are having trouble going higher on tip, or reverse, I just say step back, and they are up. It's just one way to do it.

Practicing the hover, slide right and left off of the ground will improve that reverse.

Hope you have some nice weather to practice in.


In Topic: Does this count for anything?

14 October 2008 - 05:18 AM

I call it overcontrol because as I back it up either the wing wants to flip or the kite wants to "right" itself. I think both are indicators that I am giving it too much input. I do not feel it is that much, but a little goes a long way as it were. I crash it when inverted because I end up pulling thumbs back for forward drive. Just happens that forward is now pointing down so it is a hard bump to the ground. No so much a crash and burn as I can immediately re-launch, just not something I want to continue to do. ** Aww, then it is overcontrol. That will get better with practice. Moving your body instead of your hands will get you there quicker. You can work on using your handles more later, but it's the combination that will give you a clean reverse up. Watch the masters, the best move their body.

My new friend had a lot of out of control spins that made me dizzy. About 15 wraps at one point until it came down. I know all about those and could help him get that corrected a bit in the first "lesson". It was down to 3 or 4 by the end which was a little more manageable. ** This can be down to 0. Hands touching, thumbs down.. it's going to stop.

Just to clarify. I have a B-Series. I used to have a Rev I which was WAY different. In some ways the Rev I was good because it was big and slow by comparison. So, I am using both a vented and a standard B-Series and just swapping them back and forth depending on what the wind is doing. ** Nice.. mix of kites.

Maybe they will let me pick up after them! ** I'm sure they'd let you carry thier gear now. :)

Cowboy - I had 90 foot lines on my Rev I and I'm using 100 foot on the new ones. I'll be getting a 120' set as well. I think the short lines make for more response as you do not have as much lag time in the line, but as you have already noticed, he longer lines make for more reaction time when something goes wrong. IMHO.


P.S. As I sit here tonight playing on the computer my arms feel like they are being tugged by the kite still. Very weird sensation. Perhaps it is the body programming them?! Or, it may be just that I will be very sore tomorrow!

** Don't forget to stretch.. if your young it won't matter so much.. If your older, you can tiny tear those tendons near your elbow if you're stiff. BB Penny