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06 June 2007 - 08:42 AM

yeah Skitch I found the sites for those festivals/organizations and have been looking through their calenders. Not sure how many I'll be able to go to with my work schedule though. I'm definitely gonna try to go to WSIKF, trying to talk the parents into letting me borrow their motor home and taking the time off of work to make a 3 day weekend of it. THX for the recommendations Watty.

In Topic: New Rev Flier

05 June 2007 - 10:06 AM

yeah i have to stock 90# 85' lines which spars do I need to get? all 5 or do i just need a few? I have the SLE frame if that makes a difference.

In Topic: New Rev Flier

05 June 2007 - 09:10 AM

Hey John, REALLY wished I had been able to make it to Ocean Shores this weekend. I've been wanting to get together with some other Rev fliers ever since I got mine. I did get down there on Monday only to be chased away my a storm :angry: , so i went over to Cutting Edge Kite and chatted with them for awhile before driving home (*SIGH* 4 hours of driving for about 1-2 hours of flying in some heavy winds 20+ I think). When i got home looked like there might be enough wind to go fly, so went to a local park. About all I got was some exercise, low wind flying on 85' lines = LOTS of running, did manage to get the kit to start a 360* but I ran out of room/steam about half way through :lol:. All frustrations aside I'm still really enjoying my kite, even if my wife thinks I'm turining into a Junkie, always looking for a fix :wacko:. Father's day is coming up and I'm hoping to get either a shorter lineset or some lighter spars so I can fly in light winds a little easier, which do you all think would be better to get?

In Topic: New Rev Flier

01 June 2007 - 09:57 PM

Yeah as much as I tease my wife about it she's starting to get into flying she even tried the Rev out last weekend she caught on pretty quick and was able to keep the Rev airborne most of the time and relaunch it without having to do the walk of shame to many times. I'm DEFINITELY gonna try to make it to WSIKF in Long Beach (went a few years ago with my parents) look forward to meeting you Watty If I go, I don't know if I'll make it to OS this weekend or not gotta work Saturday till 3pm or so and church doesn't end until 1pm on Sunday, how long do the festivities usually last on those days? Yeah I'd love to meet some of the guys from IQUAD seen a bunch of their routines on YouTube (kinda what got me wanting a Rev). Thx Skitch I'll check out those sites (don't take me to serious about the wife just like teasing her :P ). St.Even, I'll have to try those places out, what kinda winds do you see there?

P.S. Got bored this morning so I strung out my lines and found that the lower right was almost 2" longer than the upper, and the upper left was about an inch longer? is that normal for what I assume are factory rev lines (were in same sealed plastic bag as dvd, handles, etc.)? I couldn't get the knots in the line undone so I just added a knot on my handles to compensate, can't wait to try out the kite again, LOL I'm soooo hooked :D