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"Schoonering" - Sailing across the water

21 April 2012 - 04:35 PM

So today I got to play around in a shallow tidal pool (deepest I could reach out to came a little over 3/4 up my kite resting on the bottom). I rarely do water tricks with my kite since most times I fly over water it's the ocean. Dipping in and out and bobbing over waves is fun but there's so much you can do in calmer water. After some messing around I came up with a trick I call "Schoonering" and was wondering if there's a more widely-used title for it as well. I call it what I do because when you flip the kite over to rest in the water on its leading edge the bottoms stick up like twin sails of a schooner boat. You start near the edge of the wind window and you can "sail" the kite across the surface as you would an inverted slide. But you are not floating the kite over the water, the leading edge is in the water the whole time - it's actually quite easy to keep the kite from sinking so long as you continue to move it across the wind window. The rear of the leading edge sinks lower into the water to provide the keel and the front leading edge rises up just like a boat under heavy sail. It's pretty cool-looking and fun!

I have the photo below to show the starting position - it doesn't have to be shallow water I just had to be able to rest the kite to take the shot since no one else was with me this time. Wish I could have shot a video of it in action

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