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B series pro.....SUL ?

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#1 Winged V

Winged V
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Posted 17 October 2013 - 04:49 PM

Pulled the trigger on a full sail pro and wonder if maybe the a SUL configured kite may have been a better choice?

SUL = ? I assume lighter,no LE edge material?
Lighter weight bridle ?

I spent the summer on a stretched out loud b series factory kite framed p90 outer le 2 wrap middle 3 pt tapered downs per LaMasters in the low wind conditions,got along once I learned to stroll with it.

Thinking a pro with a Diamond frame may go at least as low as my low wind beater b ?????

#2 REVflyer


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Posted 18 October 2013 - 03:22 AM

Rick, a brand new sail is so slick, tight and perfect, Bazzer's efforts are even more so.  The Diamond frame is very responsive but also much more expensive than P-90s.  To you, the diamond upgrade will be worth that extra expense, some other folks may not feel it is so fiscally responsible.  Your new kite will fly circles around the beater!


SUL is a lighter weight leading edge sleeve, (but also, less durable).  Most folks don't feel that difference from the factory's preferred material Dacron.  One weighs like 3.9 ounces and the other 1.5 (per square meter of material).  SUL are not to be slid along the ground inverted, you should cartwheel these kites instead.


You could fabricate an all spectra bridle only as a D-I-Y project, but your developing style of flying is leaning more towards a dacron sheathed standard configuration, (rolling it up & flipping it inside out = "flailer"!!?!)


Our local conditions are usually less than 3 mph and not always that smooth beach breeze, off the Pacific ocean either.  My custom sail efforts are not endorsed or encouraged by the factory, even waiving the warranty.  On the other hand, I have done this quad-thing for a very long time and know pretty much exactly what I want from a Rev kite.  

My expectations are durability, light weight and a killer glide for no-wind field recovery.  These aspects are balanced one against the other and compromising is demanded.  How light in weight, until it breaks if someone else flies it?  How light until I break it exploring the gusts in the center of the window?  If it's too heavy it won't fly without me providing extreme inputs.... feet, hands, and moving the kite.  Old guys can't hold that up all day long and still be upright that next morning.  


You need some mass to throw the kite and need it relocated for that killer gliding catch, shorter length and tapered tubes (for the down-spars) effectively move weight towards the leading edge.  This is making a dedicated kite ONLY for calm conditions.  Other frame members won't fit and you'll have to readjust bungies to switch out a down-spar.  How much mass is good and how much is excess?


Do you need a custom sail now?  Are you willing to take the implied risks and pay extra?  I'm not a positive role model and Dugard is even worse!  LaMasters-style sail construction is discouraged and it does alter the flight dynamics (I think positively but  that's my personal opinion)  Dugard would say it's only improved on the low end of the wind range and he still uses their stock bridle even after admitting the French is better for low/no wind.


I flew the first 7 years on all stock revs, then progressed to that wicked location I'm in now, you should not follow me!


You have the best of the best on order already and we will all want to spank it thoroughly upon arrival.  Do not 2nd guess your most excellent choice.  Please do call eliot/cath though and get their 16" sissy sticks affixed before we get our turns <HA!>

#3 Winged V

Winged V
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Posted 18 October 2013 - 03:15 PM

Thank you Quad Father for that infomative response.I'm taking notes and will make that call ......for 3 sets :)

#4 makatakam


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Posted 18 October 2013 - 06:40 PM

Thank you Quad Father for that infomative response.I'm taking notes and will make that call ......for 3 sets smile.png


Hey Paul, "The Quadfather".   I like it!


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"...it's a fair wind blowin' warm, out of the south over my shoulder, guess I'll set a course and go."

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