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old rev line set

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Posted 17 January 2012 - 09:26 PM

A kite shop in Vancouver B.C. (Kites on Clouds) is closing (Jan 31) and I`ve been getting some goodies and great deals there every time I head into the city.
This past Sun. I dropped in and among the stuff I bought (and small stuff was given....repeat customer over the years...) I got this old, but brand new and unopened line set and wooden laminate winder for 30 bux....regular price was 99!!! The owner said it was stored away in his basement for years as he hadn`t sold revs since the late 90`s....
I haven`t had a chance to unwind the lines but they look to be 90lb weight (no weight or length info on package)....with attachment clips on a wooden crazy 8 winder....way cool. On the crazy 8 card is the date of 1990.....
My first Rev 1 back in `94 or so of course had clips but the lines were on a plastic winder and were white interwoven with a red line. My first Rev 2....again about `94....came with kevlar lines w/clips......
Can`t wait for the weather to clear up before unwinding and checking them out......
So ask your local(ish) kite store owner of they have any stuff lying around....could come up with some gems.....

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#2 lylenc

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Posted 18 January 2012 - 05:22 AM

That's a blast from the past. I still have the lines. My set is 150# x 100', but switched to a plastic Crazy 8 winder and removed the clips. The snaps were difficult to use and switched to velcro strap, when the snaps started to rip out of the elastic. The wood winder was too bulky and heavy or it cracked, can't remember. Used larkshead connections, since the clips tended to snag.

Don't remember if the line set cost $99, probably soiled my pants if that's what they cost. Must have bought mine with a Rev 1 somewhere between 1987 and when the Rev2 went into production ('89 - '92?). Got a 90# x 85' line set with the Rev 2 and used it almost exclusively for both kites after that.
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Posted 18 January 2012 - 07:29 AM


This line-set is likely to be different lengths for the top and bottom lines. To use the line-set with a modern Rev, you will probably have to re-tie the loops on two of the lines to equalize all four lines to the same length. (Or make a pair of pigtail extenders to lengthen the two shorter lines.)

Still, this is a very cool bit of history. I still have my original Rev I winder, just like the one you picture.
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Posted 18 January 2012 - 08:45 AM

The wood winder was delivered with the REV I (including Neo Omega) from the introduction in 1988 until around the end of 1991 to early 1992.

The lines do have seven inches difference from top to bottom. I believe the line type at that time was Shanti, possibly Spider but definitely not LaserPro. Spider quit making lines for kites in the 90s concentrating then on fishing line.

The wood winder is kind of a rarity and was hand made. It was replaced by a hand-made plastic winder which didn't last too long on the market with a less expensive molded plastic winder. This too has varied over the years.

I am not sure what the line strength was though I am guessing around 120#. You can easily shorten the longer set of lines by seven inches to use them with all the REVs made today.

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Posted 19 January 2012 - 10:59 PM

Yup, by the age of the lines I'm figuring there will be a difference in the lengths but it's snowing outside so I'll have to wait for a bit to see...
By the time I started flying Rev's in '94 the top and bottom lines were of the same length but still had the clips and were with the moulded plastic winders. I also would have balked at a $99 line set back then as well but that's what the price sticker says...also Canadian prices were well above US prices for a lot of stuff. I toured a lot playing music in the US in the '80's and drumsticks were half as much down there as they were up here for example. So the price of 30 bux now was ok.
The winder itself is bulky....no putting it in my jeans back pocket that's for sure. The snaps are a pain right now actually, and as for the screws...well....
However it is cool all in all, and in essence a nifty find just for the history part.... I may try the winder for a single liner....

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