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Stack mechanicals

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#1 Lavarr

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Posted 01 May 2011 - 04:09 AM

I'm not getting a rev stack any soon, I simply can't afford it now...Posted Image But I'd like to know more about stacking.
I know that a stack (obviously) pull more than a single kite but does it requires less wind to fly or it requires the same amount of wind of the single kite? Or a massive stack can fly with no wind?
Can a pilot perform the same trick that he can do with a single kite with a stack? I guess you can't do a catch/trow, but a filc flac for example? is it possible?

#2 awindofchange


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Posted 02 May 2011 - 11:20 AM

The wind range is slightly lower, but you are not going to fly a stack indoors (except for a stack of indoor revs). :) For tricks, I highly doubt you would be able to do flic flac's. It is possible to axle 2 or maybe even 3 revs stacked, but more than that I think you would be dreaming. I have axle's a stack of two Rev's but it was very hit-or-miss and with a ton of luck. It isn't something that would be easy to do consistently. I wouldn't even bother trying to axle a 3 stack. Flic Flac's would end up in a huge tangle and I don't even thing it would be possible to do because of the train lines on the bottom of the kites. The back kite would not allow the front kite to flic.

Hover's can be done, but you need very smooth and consistent winds to hold them for any length of time. The longer the stack, the more the stack will want to serpentine, making precision flying much more difficult.

Hope that helps.

#3 Tim

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Posted 02 May 2011 - 06:45 PM

The wind range is slightly lower, but you are not going to fly a stack indoors (except for a stack of indoor revs). :)

Thanks, Kent -- that answers a question that's been rolling around in my mind. I've got a B1.5 full sail and a B1.5 mid-vent, and I was wondering when I could fly them as a stack. Sounds like I should fly them at wind speeds that would be OK for either kite flying on its own, and they might go a little lower. I guess the stack is a bit more efficient because you've got more sail area sharing a single set of lines, but then there's the weight of the train lines to consider. I understand that in that case the kite with the most venting goes in front and the kite with the most sail goes in back.

Now I just have to wait for the bridle line and sleeving that I ordered to make the stack lines and heavyweight fly lines... five weeks ago. The first order got lost in the mail, and the post office says that the replacement was delivered on thursday... but I haven't gotten it. That's three packages of kite stuff that have gotten lost in the mail for me so far this year. Just my luck! How does that still happen in the days of GPS, tracking numbers, and text messages on delivery?

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