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Anybody else lake playing with there Rev in the Water?

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Posted 13 July 2010 - 01:10 PM


Anybody out there on a non masters level like to play with there rev in the water? I've been playing with it lately and if i can get enough depth, need to get it checked i'm going to try spins, oh yea, leading edge down launches out of the water may scare you with the flex, the leading edge almost becomes a "U" with 3 wrap.

My better 3/4 and I started playing in the pond at the park our club flies at last Summer after we got our first B series and watched the video of John flying full down in the water. I am pretty convinced that he had to be walking backwards to do that considering that once MY kite got more than halfway in I had to pull it out the manual way...lol

I can skim the water and put about 6 inches in before I panic and come back out. Other than that, I like just flying OVER the water, simply because, up here in Alaska, we have the scenery to go along with it, and the reflections on a good day are pretty stunning. My better 3/4 does more IN the water stuff, but she also spends a lot more time pulling her kite out also. :P I haven't tried flying on a beach simply because here in Anchorage, even though we're on a peninsula of Cook Inlet, we have a lack of beaches. What I mean by that is that we have the mud flats instead of the sandy things you folks have down in the lower 48.

Nowdays, because I have the new kite helper, (See my post about that here: http://www.revkites....g-a-new-helper/ (Gotta look close)) it's harder to do much water flying as she tends to want to be in the water and make friends with the ducks and geese who are there so I have to pay attention to her so she doesn't get in trouble.


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