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Flying with seagulls

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#1 HedgeWarden


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Posted 03 September 2010 - 05:28 PM

Sep 3, 2010 - perfect smooth strong winds from NNW, on the Long Beach, WA pennisula... great day for a B vented.

Overcast, disappointing for spectators, had there been any, but great for this sensitive eyed guy who was the first drop-out of the 64 mega-fly because his eyes were strained beyond their total light quota for the day.

Great winds (did I say that before?) allowed my vented B to perform as if it had a talented pilot at the ground end of the lines. I just suggested what I wanted - it was delivered.

Then a flight of about four seagulls flying up-wind on a collision course with MY WIND-WINDOW intrude upon my MP3 enhanced euphoria. When flying duals, I usually chase these intruders too warn them away from my flight area. However, with the extra control of a Rev, the necessity for clearing the flight area was minimal. So, rather than chase, I followed the flight - about 10 to 20 ft away, no need to get dangerously close for their sake and the sake of my lines.

Most continued on their way, but one gull (in juvenile gray plumage) slowed and looked back at my kite. I went forward, it stayed a distance ahead obviously watching. I retreated, it followed. I looped below, and it watched. It was obviously comfortable with distances less than the width of the kite. Back and forth we danced for a half minute before it decided to catch up with its friends.

Another flight of seagulls a few minutes later allowed me to entice another curious youngster to dance with my kite for a time.

Dancing with wolves? So earth-bound. Dancing with seagulls - soaring with the spirits.

Priceless time!
No, this is my first childhood!

#2 BillLamm


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Posted 03 September 2010 - 07:34 PM

LOL... my wife made quail the other night... my son (18 yrs old) asked were we got the seagull being served.. I said 'the lake' he asked if I used my pellet gun or my quad kite?!?!
Bill Lamm
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#3 kwmf


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Posted 04 September 2010 - 12:22 AM

I once had a Yellow Billed Kite (http://en.wikipedia....low-billed_Kite) try and land on one of my power kites Posted Image

They're fairly common here, even in built up areas, and they like to ride thermals. I was flying and this guy came floating on over. I watched him get closer and closer and it was very cool, so I positioned the kite over by him at the edge of the window so I could park the foil there.

He took and interest and started to float lower and lower and I was just thinking how cool it was when he lower his landing gear and started on final aproach. After the obligatory Posted Image at the thought of claws through the sail I snapped out a brake turn and broke right ... WELL away from him. He decided to regain height and glide off elsewhere with a very dissapointed look on his face.

Really great to watch and I'm pretty thankfull he was looking to land on the canopy and not drop on it like he would his prey - talons and kite material do not mix. Haven't had any bird events with my Rev, but I've enticed a few dogs Posted Image

#4 SynTaks


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Posted 04 September 2010 - 11:32 PM

One of the first times we were out, a small group of Canadian Geese took off and one managed to fly through the lines of Tak's kite as he was flying. It came in from the side and was about a foot from the kite itself. Both the kite and goose stayed in the air, I think both parties were just as surprised as the other.
We rather enjoy toying with the seagulls here. Unfortunately they kinda learned. The best I get now is inadvertently bump them with a line. Even with a good breeze going, I can get within about 6' of them, but they've got pretty quick reactions and fly off the other way. On the other hand, they've also figured out what the range is and tend to stay out of it. Even flying over and in the pond doesn't seem to bother them, they just float off to the other side. The magpies don't really seem to care much, but the ravens in the winter seem to enjoy sitting on top of light posts and squawk about anything.

Seagulls is enough wildlife attraction for all the options we have up here Posted Image

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#5 kitecowboy


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Posted 22 September 2010 - 11:03 AM

The most fun I've had with birds is a flock of swallows that I upset. I was flying in Kansas near an abandon barn and they proud parents figured revs eat baby swallows. Three was no shortage of interaction between kite and birds, those little guys have no fear. I finally left the area didn't want them to start dropping from heart attacks.
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