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WSIKF Rev Party 2010

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Posted 24 August 2010 - 10:35 AM

Wow, what a week... Where do I start?


Thu - 56 kites, a new world record (beat the 54 set in Bristol '08).
Lots of grid practice, fliers primarily refined the grid process, and put up with a bossy coordinator (cough-me-cough).

Fri - 64 kites, another 8 kites to push the record even higher.
64kites(8-20 WSIKF).jpg
^ Photo of 64 kite grid, photo by David "geezer" Shattuck.
Would you believe it only took 5 minutes to put this in the sky once the first kites launched?
A little less than that to disassemble the grid, and in very organized fashion as well!

Sat - 60 kites, not a record, but amazing considering the 4 mph conditions.
Some fliers had already gone home, others were involved in competition up on the north side... Winds were very light, but everyone was VERY patient and we actually managed to fairly well hold 60 kites in the sky for quite a while, despite being short of a new record, everyone gave their all.


I'd like to give special thanks to everyone who made this possible, and to everyone who participated at various times during the week.

Support in various ways:

  • Takako Barresi - Patience, patience, oh so much patience while I ran around all week.
  • Jane Holeman / WSIKF - Field space, promotion, etc.
  • RevGuild kite club - Sound system, pizza on Friday.
  • Howard (aka HedgeWarden) - Generator for the sound system.
  • Mike Tracy - Back up generator.
  • Bob Wendt - Main field announcer, did a great job of promoting us from the other end of the beach.
  • Scott Weider, David Ellison and Bazzer Poulter - Supporting announcers on the Rev field.
  • Joe, Ben and Lolly from Revolution - Lessons for the general public.
  • Theresa / The Kite Shoppe - Kite sales, morale.
  • John Q - Jack of all trades, anything I needed in a pinch, no questions asked.
The fliers (no doubt I'll miss some - please post back and let me know what days you flew in grid if you're not listed below):

  • John Barresi - iQuad
  • Steve de Rooy - iQuad
  • Takako Barresi - iQuad
  • JD Fabich - iQuad
  • Bazzer Poulter - iQuad
  • David Hathaway - iQuad
  • Joji Davis - iQuad
  • John Q - Bay Area Sundowners
  • Rich Comras - Rev Riders
  • Laura Berg - Rev Riders
  • Scott Weider - Rev Riders
  • Ben D'Antonio - Revolution Kites
  • Joe Hadzicki - Revolution Kites
  • Stephen Hoath - The Flying Squad
  • Susan Hoath - The Flying Squad
  • Mark Lummas - Too Much Fun
  • Jeanette Lummas - Too Much Fun
  • Colleen Baker
  • Bart Busse
  • Paul Loranger
  • Candace Lyslo
  • Willow Demers - Island Quad / iQuad
  • Mario DiLucca - Island Quad
  • Terry Wiggill - Island Quad
  • Brad Bixby - Island Quad
  • Spence Watson
  • Mike Tracy
  • Lori Tracy
  • Dave Bradley
  • John Mason
  • Gary Maynard - Detroit Windjammers
  • James Lee Wright III - Detroit Windjammers
  • Michael Carlisle - Detroit Windjammers
  • Felix Mottram - Decorators
  • Ashley Mottram - Decorators
  • Martin Linford - Decorators
  • David Ellison - Decorators
  • Ray Lee
  • Gordie Wensley
  • Howard Mathews
  • Bob Koga - AirBenders
  • Walt Ellis
  • Cass Pitman
  • Carol Pittman
  • Jim Foster - Kite Kids
  • Lynn Foster - Kite Kids
  • Cathy Tung - AirBenders
  • Steve Brown - AirBenders
  • Gerald Lokhorst - AirBenders
  • Dianne O'Brien
  • Manny Abt
  • Jennifer Brown
  • Penny Lingenfelter
  • Mark Giadone
  • Tom King
  • Bill Seward
  • Page Anderson
  • Alden Miller
  • Kristian Slater
  • Rick White
  • Melanie Koenig
  • Scott Koenig
  • Kevin Vogel
  • Cal Yuen
  • Lam Hoac
  • Arnold Authement
  • Aurora Authement
  • Jerry Rawls
  • Chris Michaud
  • Chuck Wiley
  • Paul de Bakker
  • Darrin Skinner - AirZone
  • Katrina B
08-21-10 - Group Shot(2).jpg 08-21-10 - Mass Hug(2).jpg
Everyone who was present for the mega fly attempt on Saturday, photos by David "geezer" Shattuck.

It's important to note that many of these folks shared time between the Rev mega flies and other events WAY up on the north field, making the long trek back and forth many times to make it possible... Thanks for doing so, every one of you helped make this event what it was. :)


Last year was extremely challenging at WSIKF... Logistical problems with time and space limitations, lots of new fliers who didn't have an opportunity to learn as the week went on, no grid practice times and a combined lack of knowledge/discipline/patience... At the time, I described the attempt(s) as "herding cats", not far off... I spent a good hour by myself after each attempt, just to decompress.

This year... Man oh man, everyone brought their "A game"... From the outset, every single participant threw themselves into it, displaying amazing grace, patience and desire to overcome as a group... Right down to the kiteless grid walking exercises and waiting patiently on the ground as other pilots got into position for each attempt... The ongoing personal support and warmth I received from everyone... ... ... ... Words cannot express, I'm getting a bit choked up as I write this to be honest with you.


Obviously the mega flies were memorable for all of us, very deeply for some...

A handful of other highlights from my experiences this past week:

Watching Connor Doran on AGT with his single and stacked Indoor Revs... I'm 100% positive our neighbors at the WorldMark must have thought there was a bloody earthquake when Connor started and finished... He did us so incredibly proud, no only as a friend to many of us, but also as a representative of kiting... He's a pure soul, we couldn't have a better delegate... Thanks so much to you, and to your mum.

[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwn620GX6bw"]http://www.youtube.c...h?v=iwn620GX6bw[/url] [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tnOPZRqhfc"]http://www.youtube.c...h?v=5tnOPZRqhfc[/url]

Class act, start to finish.

08-21-10 - Connor Initials(2).jpg
Tribute to Connor ("CD") on Saturday afternoon - photo by David "geezer" Shattuck


Flying alongside young Joe (9-10 years old?) who came with Paul and Candace... I snuck in about 30-40 feet to his left, flying my kite... He was flying and doing his own thing, so I started flying some basic patterns while watching him, and he started mirroring what I was doing... I would ramp up the difficulty a bit and he'd up his flying along with it... Eventually, all the while without a word or look being exchanged, we found ourselves about 10 feet apart and he was following me around the sky in some simple 8 patterns... It was a real joy to see him absorbing so rapidly, and again, all without any verbal communication, just attuning together... You're the man Joe, great work. :)

(photo nicked from Paul Loranger's FB account)


Seeing Ben Lummas (9) and Daniel Hoath (7) working on their flying all week, including some fun pairs routines which they shared with us... It's the youth who will lead us into the future, we're just laying the foundation, their greatness will take it even further.


Scott Weider stepping in to fill a slot on the Decorators after David Ellison sustained an injury... After just three practices through the routine, Scott Went out and did a spectacular job with the team... Truth be told, I couldn't pick his kite out of the group, that's how well he did with it.



The ever so lovely Bart (bartman) Busse... Trepidation doesn't even BEGIN to cover what Bart was expressing and experiencing going into and even a couple days into the week... Within 3 days of arriving, he was flying in amongst the Decorators, mini-teams, mega flies and more, everything I knew he was capable of, but it was truly sublime to see him blossom as the days went by... Heck, he even let me hug him any time I wanted by the time he left, and gave my kiss back to me (LOL)... Love ya Bart, you are my hero for the week... I know we were all better for having you there. :)


Joe Hadzicki, jumping right into the thick of it whenever we needed him... Aside from lessons, he was game for all the grid flies, even without any grid practice he showed grace and flexibility every time out, and all of the fliers really, deeply appreciated having him there with them.


The "power grid" or "super sexy 16", a hand-picked squad of fliers who went out and tackled a 16 grid in 3 mph for 15-20 minutes non-stop... I took turns calling with Stephen Hoath, and it was brilliant fun as we adopted ("on the fly") some of the techniques used by our respective groups... So much fun, so stimulating as a pilot... Can't wait to experience something like that again.



Taking my first run at announcing... I spent a healthy portion of each day on the microphone, "finding my voice" as it were... I've wanted to do announcing for quite a while, and having such a large group of folks who I love dearly made it less daunting while I found my rhythm and comfort on the mic... There is often a shortage of good announcers at events, I hope to continue improving so I can fill in when necessary/possible.


Seriously, I could go on and on... It was such an amazing experience for me, it's impossible to remember every instance where someone stepped above the mark and made a difference on the field, every time someone helped another flier with something... This was one of the most natural and consistent shows of community and teamwork that I've ever had the joy of observing in my 20 years of organized kiting.

Thank you all for being yourselves, and for sharing it with us as a group.

John Barresi

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Posted 24 August 2010 - 10:53 AM

Hi John-

Eloquently stated.

.... and yes, you did a great job on the mic, and more importantly (maybe) in organizing the grid action.

Awesome job, my friend!!!
*** Any day flying is a good day; have a great one! 
**** REVS: Fly it, you'll like it!
***** L.S.P. ... It's worth the trip!
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#3 Felix Mottram

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Posted 24 August 2010 - 11:44 AM

Wow, what a week... Where do I start?


Would you believe it only took 5 minutes to put this in the sky once the first kites launched?
A little less than that to disassemble the grid, and in very organized fashion as well!



I think that the critical aspect was to get the fliers fully organised on the ground before attempting the launch sequence; 56 across on the Thursday (Edit 7 person teams), 32 x 2 (4 person teams) on Friday and 30 x 2 (3 person teams) on Saturday if I remember correctly!



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Posted 24 August 2010 - 11:50 AM


As usual you did a fantastic job and all the organization you put in to it paid off. We had space, sound, flyers and near perfect conditions. Nice job!

We thoroughly enjoyed flying with everyone and look forward to doing it again. As for the 'young-uns', it really was very cool seeing them fly so much and having Ben and Daniel trying pairs was a highlight for us too. Can't wait to see them fully emersed in to our team routines!!

Best wishes,

Mark & family
Too Much Fun

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Posted 24 August 2010 - 12:38 PM

along the same "family" lines John started here:

Melanie and I can't thank enough all the people that helped us feel really super welcome on the left coast.

Special thanks to:
Wayne (stroke victim) who went out of his way to pick up two strangers at the Portland airport at 4:30am and drive us to Long Beach
Penny who loaned us a tent and blankets
Terry and Mario who not only gave us a place to put that tent, but drove us around with them all weekend
Dave Bradley who returned us to the airport on Sunday after waiting patiently for us to get off the flying field

This whole experience has truly solidified the notion of a global Rev family

Thanks everybody
Scott A Koenig
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Posted 24 August 2010 - 02:16 PM


Even though I only got 3 days on the beach, it was a great 3 days.

Thanks for getting this together, and thank you to everyone that attended and pitched in to make this another great flying event
Wind to your back, Kite in the air.

Brookings, OR

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Posted 24 August 2010 - 05:18 PM

It was one for the record books for sure. I needed the time to forget for a while some new/old problems that cropped up the day before I arrived. It did make it a bit harder to enjoy the festival, but when I had a kite up in the air I was thinking of nothing else but flying. Thank You JB for mentioning my little hobby biz on the sound system, it means so much to me to be recognized as a contributor to the kiting community.
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Posted 24 August 2010 - 05:48 PM

Even though I was only there on Thursday, WHAT A GREAT TIME!!! :kid_content: Scott and Melanie - my pleasure!! Just seeing all the people that make up this family was and is AWESOME!!!!! :kid_smartass: Thank you to all that had any part in making this happen!!! I had so much fun, working on skills, meeting new friends, trying to fly simple two man team, the list goes on!!!! We gotta do this more often!!! :)

wayne from portland
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Posted 25 August 2010 - 08:26 PM

awesome John, thanks for the post and the mention. Joe is 7, and will be practicing his vertical hovers for next years grid. Candy says thanks for the help with the Zen as well.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
Cowboy, rocks in your pockets couldn't hurt.

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Posted 25 August 2010 - 08:39 PM

They both improved a lot over the week, was great to see. :)

John Barresi

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Posted 25 August 2010 - 10:19 PM

Not much to add to the previous comments other than a big THANK YOU to you JB and all the rest of rev fliers who made this dream come true :wub: :wub: :w00t:

To you Connor a big hug for reaching millions of people with your kindness and master flying talent!!! Love you bro :wub:

Cheers to all and I hope we can repeat and break another record next year!!!

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Posted 25 August 2010 - 11:10 PM

Oh where to begin...

I'll try not to make this into a book.... ah, who am I kidding!

First, have to say thanks to Paul who started talking me into this a full year ago and kept at it when he knew it was outside of my comfort level to do this. Four of us lived together in a tiny motel room for the duration of this trip. That is a miracle right there! Love you guys!

Thanks to JB who also gave me a pep talk when the whole grid thing started to sound very overwhelming about six months ago. I'd never know it was your first time announcing, you did excellent. Everyone should know, though, that JB kissed me first and even tried to stick his tongue in my ear so watch out for him! What you said above was so nice. Love ya man!

Thanks to Felix who also provided a lot of positive reinforcement for me over the months leading up to this. I echo what others have said about you. Everywhere to help everyone all the time.

No doubt about it. I suffered a major anxiety attack the Monday morning. At least it was contained and not a melt down! Between the weather which was not what I expected it to be, the sand which I just hate and the realization of this event really happening I did not start out well. Very much out of my envelope. I was wondering if there was a way to just get home ASAP even if it meant taking a bus!

Thanks to Mark who came up to me right away and asked if I was Bartman. He liked my posts and said he wanted to fly with me because he felt we were of about the same ability and he was nervous about all of it too. So we picked a spot well outside of the Rev area and set up. This was like a life line to me as it got me flying and thinking of something other than my nerves. But, as luck would have it, hiding in a corner wasn't going to work as the Felix somehow found me and from over my head floated in the Decorator's kites. There was no getting out of anything and the next thing I new we were flying with Felix, Dave, Ashley and Martin. Everything opened up for me at that moment and my anxiety level dropped to almost nothing. Thanks guys, you gave me the confidence to push my boundries and feel I was part of something not just outside looking in. It only got better from here.

Thanks to everyone that flew with me. I know I forgot the waivers, but no one was seriously injured I don't think. I'm terrible with names and I apologize not mentioning everyone individually. I did make a point of hunting down teams and wedging myself in to gain whatever knowledge I could pick up. I hope I wasn't too intrusive in that regard. With all that talent in one place I couldn't pass up the chance. I didn't get to bug iQuad and Island Quad enough, but there is always next time.

Stephen from the Flying Squad taught me the basics of "the tumbleweed" which has been rolling through my head since I left. It was a perfect lesson in patience as well as confirmation that sometimes all it takes is the right wording for something to click.

Watty got me thinking about those axles and a starting point to understanding the physics.

Felix had me flying so slow while he kept his kite inches away from mine I was getting very comfortable with another kite in the same air space.

So many others. Rich, Scott, Laura, JB, Jim, Katrina all taught me so much that it will take weeks for it all to sink in! Martin and I had some fun discussions outside of kites which I also enjoyed. Alden giving me a new nickname "Pirate Bart".

The demos from the best teams in the world right there in front of us every day! And we got to fly with them as an added bonus! All excellent, but I gotta say I like the style of the Decorators and their slow is the way routine. That's my new favorite song!

I was humbled by the number of people who told me they read my ramblings and blog and enjoy it. I was also happy to hear from a couple people who really liked my b-series custom pro and took time to ask me about it and my pattern/colour choices.

I was able to verify what I suck at even in smooth winds (backing up) but also able to verify that my choppy wind does play a big role in what I can do at home cleanly. I learned that there is a lot of things I can do well when I don't have time to think about doing it.

I have no idea what the big deal is with a grid anymore and I can't figure out why I ever did think that. Thanks to all of you that spent a lot of time working out the details so the rest of us could just fly! A class act all the way around with your sacrifices. I'll have more on the grid later.

Four years ago I told JB I'd never set foot on a beach and this year had to eat my words! I even have a reservation for 2011 if you can believe that, but could someone arrange for some grass over all that sand before then? Thanks, that would be great....


edited to clarify and fix typos.

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#13 david ellison

david ellison

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Posted 26 August 2010 - 01:02 AM

Raise your glasses to Sir Bart - he came, he saw, he overcame - he got kissed!

Perserverance personified and an inspiration to many
:clap; :clap; :clap;

#14 Murph


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Posted 26 August 2010 - 03:04 AM

Rightfully so! Cheers Bart Posted Image

Only thing is that we're going to be expecting same for all the other fests you attend now!!

...I can only imagine your 'Lil reports' are more than likely destined for the next issue of Kitelife mag?!


#15 Steve de Rooy

Steve de Rooy

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Posted 26 August 2010 - 08:28 AM

Man what a week it was... Thank you to everyone that made it possible and it was just the best too see and talk to you all. Thank you to all that traveled great distances to get to longbeach and enjoy this awesome festival !

And Congrats to all that flew in the world breakin mega grid fly .... WOW !! That was just awesome !

#16 John Barresi

John Barresi

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Posted 26 August 2010 - 08:35 AM

Again I say, I LOVE your reports Bart... So real, so sincere, I've said before...

They represent the "every man", and we're better for having you in our community. :kid_loved:

I think you're a testament to the Rev family, in terms of how we can grow individually, and how we take care of one another.

And yes, we could always use another author at Kitelife... Think about it, eh?

John Barresi

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