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Light wind training exercises

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Posted 12 August 2013 - 02:41 AM

I watched Dave's (REVgod) video many times, it seems long ago now though.   it shows a few good examples of how to chase children SAFELY,... that part is worthy of a viewing by itself.  He chases kids with a slick technique, kind of a "boxed-In thru rotation" (inverted and over their heads, as they reach left to touch it, it rotates around to their opposite side, just out a reach yet again). It is particularly useful for handicapped individuals bound to a wheelchair or kids too big to be still using a stroller.  


Respect:  You have to approach your prey slowly and watch the faces carefully for their reactions.  If they are okay, you keep getting closer and closer.  Geesh, don't hit anybody, know your equipment & skill set.  Practice on a fence pole if you have to sharpen your skills.  See if you can rest your kite on top of an empty beverage (12 oz can) without knocking it off.


Dave's 3-D video moves are done with the "catch" almost overhead and dropping vertically, kind of old school.  It takes longer (and looks cooler) if the catch is done lower in the window, allowing the kite to arc up and then angled back downwards to the flyer.  This works well during low-wind times.  His kite shop is about the most perfect location you could ever ask for (Huntington Beach, CA) for a flying spot.  Man, the winds there are so laminar, low wind is especially exciting because it's still silky smooth!  There's always a crowd passing along the seawall to watch your antics too.  It's warm weather almost all the time!


Call him, he might find a copy stuck under a box in the back-backroom.  I have loaned my copy out and can't recall to whom, or I'd send it along for you.



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Posted 12 August 2013 - 04:30 PM

Received the DVD from Dave today... I had just purchased a 1.5 SUL Phantom from Dave a couple of weeks ago so I called him and asked for the DVD. I think the DVD will be helpful, it has a few good practice maneuvers I can't wait to try. Nothing on low wind flying. I guess that will come later on for me.


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Posted 12 August 2013 - 07:45 PM

The SUL is a good place to start with low winds! Use either a race or 2 wrap frame, 30-50' x 50# lines, and maybe some 15" handles! It''ll work for 3-D stuff too! Go out in less than perfect winds, you'll learn a lot just trying to fly! Then you'll break through and start enjoying those days!!



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