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Buyer's remorse? :(

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Posted 06 July 2010 - 02:06 PM

Wow..... Lots of good info from lots of good fliers, I myself have done many, many, lessons on the SLE and every other kite Revolution makes and have seen
the problems your talking about many time..... My personal thoughts are for learning 9 to 14 mph hour is perfect cause it lets the kite do what it needs to do
pretty easy, I always tell people that this kite is all about finesse rather than brute strength..... So imagine it and then go thru the exercise's we talk about in
the DVD, it does take time and you may not get it the first time out, that is one of the reasons I like the SLE that large rod will take a beating and last for a long
time, then when your ready you can swap it out for a 3 wrap which will take this kite to another level yet again..... So my advise if possible see if you can find
a flier in your region, and you will find Rev fliers are always willing to help one another so just ask..... Anyway here's my direct line 619-750-8770 and feel free
to call me cause as you can see I am the G.M. of Revolution Kites, but more importantly I am part of the Rev Family..... BenPosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

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Posted 06 July 2010 - 04:12 PM


I did find some videos around youtube and what not, but nothing that really helped me out much until I found some video series' from a guy that doesn't give his name. Younger dude, seems like a pro kite flyer, short blonde hair, always wears a hoodie and shades, lol... Those videos are so amazing,

In a word............................WATTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Cya in the Sand!....."

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Posted 06 July 2010 - 05:13 PM

Spence Watson is the definition of amazing!

As for turning using thumb taps, most modern instruction I've seen, and the technique I have used, is to pull gently with your ring finger or even your pinky to turn in the direction of that hand. At first, just tap. The kite will, after a little practice, turn and stabilize in the new direction.

Ummm... somewhere in this early phase you need to learn to control speed by tilting both handles forward (brake) and backward (speed up). That would be push thumbs forward (or pinkies backward) to brake, tilt the handles the opposite direction (slightly backward at top) to speed up.

After you can fly partway up the wind window, slow, stop, and back the kite down, then try tap turns right and left.

Either method (thumbs forward or pinky backward) will work, but the pull with the lower fingers seems more natural. Once you get the feel for the kite, and develop some "muscle memory", you may find that you don't even know which technique you used at any time.

My experience is that at each quantum level of expertise, you will need to overcome the natural inclination to over-control, over-correct for the maneuvers you are working on. Watch John's tutorials, and notice that he frequently is "vibrating" the controls - that often seems to provide smoother control.

Finally, important what Ben said about wind speed. When you are starting, it is much better to have decent wind speed. The Rev's stall differently than a dual-line kite, and are harder to recover, in my experience.

Remember, dual or quad...

Phase 1: the kite flies you.
Phase 2: you fly the kite.
Phase 3: you and the kite fly together - so remarkable and fun!

Fair winds,
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Posted 06 July 2010 - 07:25 PM

Hi Brian-

Longer top leaders, where you larkshead your lines, should be longer; about three or four times longer than the bottoms. This will give you a lot of reverse. What that will do is not allow the kite to "jump" out of that person's hands (launching itself). It will also make reverse flight much easier as you do not have to turn your wrists soooooo much for the inputs.

Remember that all of your inputs should be small. All of the skills for the basic controls will be acquired as your "muscle memory" develops. Think of your flying as doing "drills" to learn each part. Lifting up and landing, lifting up and facing right or left and hovering, lifting up and hovering in the forward configuration or in reverse are all basic moves. We still do drills where we hold certain positions- for minutes at a time. This all develops the muscle memory necessary to fly with control. Keep at it and it will start to click. Lots of practice; many, many hours will get you there.

Enjoy it all and feel free to ask any questions along the way.

Hope to see you out there... somewhere.

Don't forget to have fun!!!!!!!!Posted Image
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Posted 06 October 2010 - 07:07 PM


Thank you all very very much for your input!! I can't tell you all enough how relieved I am to hear that I didn't buy something that was a lemon!! Thank you for clearing all that up for me!!

It's also great to know that I can easily change some (relatively) inexpensive parts to get some better performance and even somewhat of an "upgrade" too!

I did find some videos around youtube and what not, but nothing that really helped me out much until I found some video series' from a guy that doesn't give his name. Younger dude, seems like a pro kite flyer, short blonde hair, always wears a hoodie and shades, lol... Those videos are so amazing, I can't even begin to tell you how much they've helped me. The DVD that came with my kite is worthless in comparison. Unfortunately we haven't had any wind during these last several days, but I'm VERY anxious to get back out there again, especially knowing now what I've learned from these videos.

Regarding when I purchased my kite: the guy that's here in town is a one-man-shop, and unfortunately I didn't get much input from him about the setup or flight. However, other than getting the spars on the wrong side, I had zero problems settin' this baby up and breakin it down again. And I can certainly attest to the toughness of these SLE spars. I took SEVERAL full-speed nose dives right into the ground, lol, and the thing is still holding strong! Come to think of it, I don't think I was able to do even one "intentional" landing, hahaha. I should probably work on that.

MrDenny, that is very kind of you to offer to take "care" of my kite for me. I'll make sure to get that to you PROMPTLY. In fact, go ahead and hold your breath and wait by the mailbox. I'm sure it'll be there any time now! hehe

OH! I just found those videos tutorials, they're on www.kitelife.com. I'm sure you all probably know about them already though. Posted Image

So maybe if I can describe the problem(s) I was having during my last flight, maybe you guys can give me a few pointers?

1. At first, I had someone holding the kite up and it literally launched itself, which was kinda cool. But it (or I) would immediately turn to the right or left and it would come crashing down again.

2. After that, I launched it from the ground. Per the DVD that came with it, I would bring my thumbs back and give it a good tug. The kite would do one of two things:
a ) It would shoot up like a rocket to max altitude and then lose wind and fall down, or
b ) It would veer to the right or left and I would panic and try frantically to correct it.

There were actually a few times when I would get it up and be able to spin it left and right, but I'd lose some control (or wind) at that point and it would come down again. Could this be as a result of the spars being on the wrong side?

3. Crashing nose dives are a great way to practice your inverted launches, ha ha. Surprisingly enough though, almost every time I was able to (sloppily) spin it back around for another normal-but-newbish relaunch. After thinking about this a bit, I realize that my inverted-control theory was quite backwards. I was pretty frustrated when I would try to spin it right and it would go left. Something else to work on I suppose. Posted Image

4. Backwards flying is SO foreign to me. Is that something I should even be thinking about right now? I mean, considering how often I find myself a**-up, it seems like it might be pretty important, lol.

The one bit of advice the guy at the kite store gave me was to practice just launching and landing. Don't spin, don't slide, don't do anything except that for an hour or so until I'm confident about moving to the next step. The problem with that was, though, was that I could launch, but shortly after that I would lose control by either the spinning problem or the skyrocketing problem as noted above.

And for my last question, do I need a lot of wind for this kite? It says 4-whatever MPH, but it doesn't seem to want to do jack squat in the lower wind bracket. How much of that could have been because of the spars being on the wrong side?

Any other beginner tips, advice, suggestions, criticisms, critiques, slanderings, and/or words of encouragement are greatly appreciated! I can't thank you all enough for all the great input you've given me so far!


G'Day Brian,
Like you I bought a SLE and am a solo flyer.I first flew it with the "fat" spars because I didn't want to break anything.As I got better I changed to the 1/4" ones ( they came with the kite) and what a difference there was,all for the goodPosted Image With the launch at first I put the handles together (one in each hand)thumbs back and pull back and straight up it goes no problem.I also made a WDI (wind direction indicator)using a broken spar sharpened at one end and a piece of ribbon tied on top with a cable tiePosted Image Crashing nose dives can be stopped if you remember to push your thumbs way forward BEFORE you hit the groundPosted Image Just my 2c worth but practice is the keyPosted Image

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Posted 09 October 2010 - 07:18 PM

The fellow you saw in the videos is Watty he lives in spokane but maybe vancouver now ?? I drive truck and come through idaho falls every so often. we should get in touch.
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