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Newbie needs help!

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#1 Ouchigon

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Posted 20 June 2010 - 03:51 PM

Hello all, I have read lots on this site and it has helped me out allot but I just registered and this is my first post. I finally jumped on board and bought a B series Rev after months of debate. I have been trying to fly this new kite for a few weeks now with not much luck. Maybe someone can help me understand what I'm doing Wrong.

My Conditions:

I live inland on the east coast, average 3 to 11 MPH winds, bought a Standard B series with 2 and 3 wrap frames. I have a set of 90# 100' and 50# 80' lines. I have flown in good wind 6-8 mph but its always variable and sometimes with gusts of 15 or so.


I can launch just fine even when to wind is in the 0-3 mph range. The kite goes up nice but even in the wind I will feel the pull leave the kite and loose altitude. When I try to climb i can do so sometimes but mostly just sink back to earth. When I get into a hover in low wind the kite holds altitude nice but as soon as I try to figure what I was doing to maintain this, I loose it and the kite settles back to the ground. I'm using the 50# line and 2 wrap frame but still cant hold altitude in the lighter stuff.

What can I practice or watch for to maintain flight in these winds. I have watched every video I have been able to find but without hands on help my learning curve is much larger.

Thanks, Brian

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Posted 20 June 2010 - 04:27 PM

Brian, Welcome to the REVOLUTION Forum and Welcome to the Dark Side. I am one of the forum administrators and I have twenty years REV experience as of this year.

The odds are there are REV fliers not to far from you. If you could mention what are you live in, someone probably will chime in and offer hands on assistance at some place hopefully not too far from you.

For rev training videos, check out all the REV videos at kitelife.com.

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#3 Ouchigon

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Posted 20 June 2010 - 04:39 PM

Thanks John,

I live in South Central Pennsylvania and would love some hands on help.

#4 Aerochic



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Posted 20 June 2010 - 06:36 PM

Hmmm, let me ask you a few basic questions, Brian. Forgive me if they seem obvious...

Are you familiar with the concept of the Wind Window? It's very important to all manner of sport kite flying. Understanding it will help you know where you kite needs to be in the sky when you're looking for power and for slowing down. Here's a great article if you are unfamiliar...
http://www.awindofch.../lesson1-2.html The trickiest part about the Wind Window and inland flying is that the wind changes direction more frequently than not (often in a swirling manner). As the wind shifts direction, so does the direction of your window. You may be having good or bad results depending on where you are in the window.

Have you checked the length of all four lines you're using on your kite? It's extremely important that they are equal in length! If any line is off, it can make your kite lean in certain directions.

Do you have knots on your handles? If you have a B, I'm assuming that you do. Understanding how the knot system works is also a key factor to Rev Flying.

It sounds to me like you have all the right equipment. The only thing I would highly recommend is a Midvent Rev and a set of Race Rods. This magical combination keeps me in the air more often than not in our lovely challenging PA winds. The Mid Vent smoothes out the bumpy winds that we get. What major city are you closest to?

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#5 REVflyer


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Posted 21 June 2010 - 02:56 AM

Hi Brian,
Wings Over Washington Kite Club is in the surrounding metro area of Washington DC. We have many fine REV pilots who would be happy to assist you with learning techniques, modifications and various options of framing and sail patterns. We all started off the same way, it looks so easy, . . . why do I struggle?

I live in Germantown Maryland currently, a trip down I-270 will get you near me. There are 26 soccer fields in a complex very near my residence and I own something like fifty REVs, so you can check-out different things by direct comparison. I am also a guy that can fly in the tough conditions of which you are discussing, in fact my preference is zero wind!

I know when you first begin you believe it's all about equipment, just buy this or that and all will suddenly become clear. The reality is it's more about the pilot's skill and flying location rather than their equipment. A kite that is perfectly suited to low wind will fly much better when the non-existent breeze is smooth off of the ocean (when compared to in-land), even if the numbers are identical on a wind meter! Swirls and on again-off again variable airflow are the curses we kite flyers must endure.

The time it takes to meet-up with other fliers will cut years off of your learning curve. Don't be afraid to drive a couple of hours and impose yourself upon anyone who offers to help. You'll make new friends and it won't cost you a bloody fortune to see what you prefer as the optimum set-up for your local conditions.

Welcome to the revolution forum and the dark side. We have more fun than anyone else 'cause we get to stand together and be a part of the show, whatever it might be that day! Those interactions are much easier with a set of 120 lines and a fine Rev product.

#6 Reef Runner

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Posted 21 June 2010 - 04:24 AM

Hi Brian,
Welcome to the wonderful world of Revs, and as they say, to the dark side. I'm a Newbie also, but down in NC. Just started messing with Revs, last fall. I usually get most of my flying done, on trips to the coast. As someone just mentioned, those ocean breezes are definitely the best.

As for your problem, I went through the exact same stage, that you are at, last year. I just couldn't seem to keep the thing in the air. Now I was flying a 1.5 SLE, so that may have had something to do with my problems. However, I eventually got a standard 1.5 B-series, and a 1.5 B-series full vent. As mentioned before, I think the vents do smooth out the rough air. The full vent is now my favorite rev, by far. I just recently spent a week, flying at the coast, where we had winds from 12 - 18, most all day, everyday, so the full vent was definitely the way to go. I was using a 4 wrap frame, probably should have switched out to the race rods, but I kept worrying about that 25 - 30 mph NE wind, that sometimes kicks up, on the coast. Never happened, so I would have probably been fine with the race rods. I'll definitely have to try them, next trip.

Anyway, take John's advice and get help, if convenient. It will probably (no it will) cut the learning curve, tremendously. I wish I had had that opportunity. Also, look up, download, save, and view, John Barresi's Tutorial Videos. They are great, and have helped me immensely. One of the important things, that really doesn't have to do with flying, is "Line Management". Watch that tutorial, and watch how John handles that so simply, and effortlessly, and take note of how he recommends setting the kite down (inverted). That way, you never have to worry about an unplanned launch, no matter what the wind is doing. I know this sounds elementary, to the seasoned flier, but that video was such a great help to me. And once you do it, as John describes in that video, it all makes so much sense and seems so natural. Watch them all, they are great. I keep them on my laptop, and any time I am somewhere, and got a minute to spare, I'll pull one up and watch it. You might get some strange looks from others, but who cares, you're on the dark side now.

And as REVflyer mentioned something about the 120' lineset, things do happen much quicker, on the shorter flight lines, so a longer set will definitely give you a little more reaction time, and may get you up over some of that swirly wind, you've been fighting. The choppy and erratic wind, is the exact reason, that most of my flying is done at the coast, but it you don't have that advantage, just make sure you are flying somewhere, where there is a good, 1/4 to 1/2 mile of open space, directly behind you. That way the wind won't be so bumpy and choppy when it gets to you. As someone mentioned before, concerning your wind window, be aware of it. Having spent much time sailing, I have a sense of the wind, which really helps. Of course with the kite, you need to keep the wind at your back. A trick that I use, is to continuously move my head, so as to feel the wind equally, on the backs, of both ears. That way I know that I'm facing directly down wind, and centered on the wind window. And as for those long lines, my only problem with the really long lines, is sometimes (at my age), it's a bit hard to see the orientation of the lines, way out at the kite, but usually you can tell by the feel, when things are right..............good luck............get some help, if you can..........and watch those tutorial videos..............they are priceless, especially for us beginners !!

Hang in there, and good luck................Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

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#7 Love2fly


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Posted 21 June 2010 - 10:00 AM

Hi Brian-

Welcome to the Rev Family.

You've gotten great advice and invites; they're all awesome people and pilots! We do travel quite a distance to fly with our friends. :)

The Jersey Crew fly at Liberty State Park, NJ (Jersey City) almost every weekend ... and sometimes during the week, too. If you're up for that, let us know when you want to come this way and we'll get your flying under control.

All the best-
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Posted 21 June 2010 - 10:32 AM

Welcome to the dark side Brian, you have gotten some excellent advice. It really does help a bunch to get with other fliers, you will learn so much more if you do. Light wind technique, as well as learning how to deal with the nasty swirlies, comes with spending time flying. If you fly with a experienced flier, you will get to see how its done first hand, and will not have to spend so much time figuring it out for your self. Let us know how you are doing, and meet up with other fliers!
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#9 Ouchigon

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Posted 22 June 2010 - 08:16 AM

Yes, I have made the lines to the same length, used all the different knots on the handles to see how it effects flight and I do understand the wind window, at least I think i do :)

I will take you guys up on some help. I dont mind a little drive so REVflyer and Love2fly I would like to get together so I will send you guys an email. Also Aerochic I see you also live in Pa, I amin between Harrisburg and York but work in Baltimore Md. Is this local to you?

Thanks again for the warm welcome and offers to assist me in learning to fly the Rev. I hope to be able to get together with a few of you guys in order to learn the ropes.

Thanks Again,

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