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A Make-Weight’s View of the Mega Grid.

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Posted 22 August 2010 - 05:49 AM

Day 6: Only 60 today and light winds that played havoic with it all. A few people commented that they felt a lot of flyers gave up before it even started just knowing it would be hard to keep it together.

We did keep it in the air for a minute or two and we moved it together more - kites and bodies which gave a nice tight picture as well as a chance to sneak a peek out of the corner of one's eye... impressive!

The first, and I think only one, horizontal thread seemed to start taking it apart as kites on the edge started dropping like flys. I was taken out at this stage, but was cleared quick and did manage to scoot back up in time for two ball bursts.

he landing was a little less than picture perfect however considering the alternative of falling out of the sky it was great!
It is unfortunate that on the "big day" we couldn't have the wind we did on the first and second days as we did have more of the crowd in attendance, but them's the breaks. We all knew what we did and even the light wind grid was a major feat.

All done now, no more mega-grids tomorrow. I'll sum up this week when it's all been digested.


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Posted 22 August 2010 - 01:22 PM

I am enjoying this thread immensely, only wish I could be there too!

Me too, Bart is doing a great job with his daily reports. I have been regularly dipping in to check for updates but pressures on time and family commitments over the last couple oh days have prevented me from posting, sorry Bart, I feel particularly bad as it was me that suggested you post here.

I find particularly fascinating to compare our two very different routes to what is essentially the same end, participation in a big mega-fly.

I arrived at Portsmouth fully expecting to be acting as Ground Crew all week-end, with maybe a place in a “long line”, (remember those) Mexican Wave mega fly to close the festival on the Sunday, and ended up standing in the main arena with 46 (should have been 47, but that’s another story :kid_smartass:) other Rev fliers and probably less than an hours grid flying time in the practice arena.

Bart has had a more gradual build up to his big mega-fly grid, but where as, I was flying with many of the best Rev flyes in the world, I had Simon Dann to my left and Jeanette Lummas to my right, who were well able to hold a stable grid position, all I had to do was know where my space was and stay in it. Bart has had to learn the craft along side other members of Team Wobble. To hold your nerve and a stable position in an unstable grid requires skill and nerves of steel. Much respect to all involved.

Oh and BTW Bart. I have some vague distant memory of a conversation with you in which a “discreet tap on the shoulder” was mentioned, I don’t think it looks like that will be an issue now, well done mate.
Stone in Shoe Bob

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Posted 22 August 2010 - 05:22 PM

iQuad X6, Decorators X4, Mark & Jeanette Lummas (Too Much Fun), Stephen & Susan Hoath (Flying Squad), Scott Weider (Rev Riders), Spence Watson and Willow Robin (Island Quad).

John, thanks for finding this & posting to the forum. I didn't have all the names to give credit even though I made some notes before shooting the video. Chalk it up to old guy syndrome, I guess. :blue-sleepy:

BTW, you guys were an inspiration! I noticed many of the fliers were using Rev B standards in their custom team colors. That proves it's not the kite, it's the flier!

Someday I'll be able to fly in winds that low.
Have fun, Ray.

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Posted 22 August 2010 - 06:39 PM

Thank You, Bart for your daily reports. These have been so enlightening! I bet you never thought you'd use the phrase "Only 60 today" so casually! ;D Congratulations on all that you've achieved this week!

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