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New News is good news! Changes for 2010

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Posted 03 February 2010 - 12:46 PM

Ok, as you all probably know, we just got back from KTAI a bit ago and I personally had an awesome time. I was lucky enough to have a booth right next to the Revolution camp and was able to mingle with all the attendees as well as spend a lot of time with David, Joe, Lolly, Ben and John B - basically the core of the Revolution world. We had a blast!!! (pun intended lol)

John spent a ton of time demo'ing kites outside the convention center in some "not so great" weather conditions and flying area but still had a great time. I wish I could have joined him as I really didn't get much time to fly anything while I was there - just a plain crime to be inside of a room with hundreds of new kites and kite related products and not be able to put them in the air....thats just wrong. :)

Anyways.....being this is a Revolution Forum, I though everyone would like to know what 2010 has in store for Revolution...so here's the scoop (as I know it).

****disclaimer - I am not an employee of Revolution so this information is worth exactly what you paid for it. If I am wrong I am sure Ben or Lolly will correct me.****

The biggest change is in materials - as everyone has heard or is aware, material costs for Icarex, Poly, Nylon and Carbon has gone up across the board. This has not only affected Revolution but every kite maker in the industry. Also, colors have changed which has forced the industry to make changes as well. The biggest change will be with the 1.5 series kites including the EXP, 1.5 SLE and the B-Series models.

If you like Gold or Aqua...well...you best rush to your dealer quickly and get your hands on one because they will be no more. Gold and Aqua colors have been discontinued. The Gold / Black and Aqua / Black B-Series will only be available until your local dealer runs out of stock. Rev has a very limited stock and they will only be available until the stock is gone. Your kite dealer will be able to take care of you and let you know what is still available and what has been put to the history books.

So what colors are there going to be? Lemme tell ya - starting with the EXP:

The 2010 EXP will be made in the following colors:
Light Blue/Dark Blue/Black
Red/White/Blue (patriotic)

2009 colors will still be available until remaining stock is gone.
Red/Blue/Black is sold out and no longer available.

But wait....you said Aqua was going away? Why does the EXP get Aqua? Well, Aqua is no longer available in ripstop Poly and Icarex. It is however available in ripstop Nylon which the EXP sail is made from. :)

Now for the 1.5 SLE 2010 colors:
1.5 SLE with White Centers:
Red/White/Blue (patriotic)
Gray/Bright Blue (new color)

1.5 SLE with Black Centers:
Bright Blue/Gray

Again, all 2009 colors will be available until stock is gone.
It was rumored that the 2010 1.5 SLE will change to an all ripstop Nylon sail - BUT might include an additional 1/4" leading edge as well as the SLE leading edge....but this has not yet been confirmed. FYI, all 2009 and earlier 1.5 SLE's are made from Ripstop Poly or Icarex and only come with the SLE leading edge.

Now for the B-Series:
The B-Series received a big overhaul in colors and they have added in a Gray model along side the Black model which looks fantastic (IMO).
NEW - Using lighter gray and color instead of the Black and color:
Lime/Light Gray
Red/Light Gray
Blue/Light Gray
Purple/Light Gray

And continued from 2009 using the black and color:

If the color isn't listed above, it has been discontinued. If you don't see your favorite color then you best hurry and purchase it now while there are still some left. All B-Series will continue to be made from Ripstop Poly / Icarex and come with the standard 1/4" leading edge - with two complete frame sets (frame(s) are depending on model).

As of this time all other models of Rev's will remain the same. (Indoor, Zen, Rev II's, Rev I's, Sonic, Shockwave, Blast, etc...)

Now - for the bad news. As mentioned above the cost of materials has gone up yet once again - this time quite substantially. This is not the first time material costs have gone up and in fact, the costs have gone up many times over the last 5-6 years. Revolution has been very reluctant to increase prices and has absorbed these costs themselves and not passed those increases on to the end user...well...that is until now. The new price increase in materials has forced Revolution to do what many kite manufactures have done several times over the last few years and that is raise the price of their products. The best news from this? and get this....


That's right, Revolution and their dealers still have a very limited stock on the 2009 products and the new colors above are just now going into production. Being as fair as possible, Revolution is letting everyone know that the new kites will have to cost more - but you can save some hard earned money by purchasing BEFORE the price increase goes into affect!!!! The price increase is scheduled to be released in March of 2010 (Next Month). Until then, retailers can still work a great deal on kites that they have in stock right now AT THE CURRENT 2009 PRICES! So if you have been pondering on purchasing a new Rev, now is the time to go for it!

Anyways - thats the news as I have been told. Again if anything in this is wrong I hope Ben, Lolly or whomever sets the record straight. :)

Hopefully we will have pictures of all the new stuff in the next few days.

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Posted 03 February 2010 - 02:36 PM

Thanks Kent.Ive already seen the prices and changes.Mixed feelings realy.My appols also for missunderstanding std products and custom[doh <IMG class=bbc_emoticon alt=Posted Image src="http://www.revkites.....gif">&nbsp;].I should have read more slowly and not got Giddy.I&nbsp; tend to get&nbsp;over whelmed when im reading Kite Porn[rev product list]....<IMG class=bbc_emoticon alt=Posted Image src="http://www.revkites.....gif">&nbsp;.It was a completly innocent mistake.That i had pointed out to me.<BR><BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The posative has tobe that Rev can change and adapt with the&nbsp;markets.Theyve always been good inovators and leaders.Trend setters and listeners.<BR><BR>&nbsp; Thers also the intro of custom models,by Rev and Top retailers like yourself.Which gives a real personalised ,Taylored choice for everyone.Be it teams or the individual pilot.I received a mailing circular that confirms this is still an excellent option.<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp; Worth also remembering the range and variety that again top retailers alongside rev offer.Its not just sail coulor or price.The spar options are the best i think of any Sport kite on the market Today.They cover a full range and all conditions us&nbsp; pilots encounter.<BR>&nbsp; Then thers the Masterpiece models,which are the envy of Many and desired by most,if not all pilots.<BR><BR>Homer...<BR><BR>&nbsp;


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Posted 04 February 2010 - 01:46 AM

Thanks Kent.Ive already seen the prices and changes.Mixed feelings realy

The PHANTOM,,, looks tobe a winner.Ive had an All Black Set of B Series for a while.They look the Dogs Danglies.


Hi Bri
have you got a link to the prices and changes
by the way stick with the no smoking lark
its tough at times but soon passes - been 9 years for me
a mate at work was told by his doctor its better to double your weight than smoke




#4 big bri

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Posted 04 February 2010 - 02:13 AM

Cheers Bazz,ive sent ya pm,but not on the price subject.

I would have to shoot and kill ya if i tell ya the prices mate.Posted Image


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