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How to set up a routine

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Posted 24 December 2009 - 11:57 PM

After watching a day of the last Lincoln City Fall Kite Festival I had a stroke of boldness and told the organizer that I would like to perform at the next summer festival. She said no problem I'll call you. OOOOOOOPs On the way home a had a serious case of the heebejeebees. How the hell am I pulling that of? I have the basics down and I have flow to the same music again and again but NEVER the same way. So here is the question: Other than a pint of tequilla and a box of depends, what does it take to set up a routine? How do all you pro flyers do it? Are routines always more or less the same or do you just do it and hope for the best?

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Posted 25 December 2009 - 10:42 AM

In the scenario you mentioned for Lincoln City, it's a demo situation, WAY different than a competition.

Honestly, fly clean, move your kite to the music, and most all, FEEL it, enjoy it, that's what the audience will respond to most, not the complexity or professionalism of your performance... Take my word on this, 20 years of competition and demonstration experience speaking here.

If you want to "take it to task" and prepare a routine, I recommend you start browsing kite ballet videos... The older, the better.

Older routines are simpler, more "feel", whereas more recent routines are more likely to be focusing on WOW and tricks, much of which the audience doesn't understand.

A crowd at Lincoln City, they want to see people enjoying themselves, groovin'... Take stock of the routines you've seen there and the audiences response to each one, I'm sure you'll agree... Non-complex routines, but highly enjoyable might include Penny, Al Washington, Carl Bragiel, etc... Some of what they choose to do might be difficult, but it's all understandable to the uninitiated. :)

When someone goes too trick heavy on their stuff, unless they're one of the best pilots around, you can pretty much assume the audience will be lost, sometimes even if they are the best.

For some fodder, here are a couple of articles...


Realize of course, some of the articles above are tailored for competition.

When all else fails, consider the words of my good friend Rob (Bob) Hanson...


Enjoy yourself, fly clean, and the crowd will respond. ;)

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