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I've been lurking for 4 days

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#1 st0rk

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Posted 15 July 2009 - 10:16 PM

I finally gave in and registered and I've become somewhat obsessed with a kite that I've never flown. I've only flown 2 line kites and I was doing research to find a larger one with more pull like the goliath or mirage xl. During my searching for the largest 2 line stunt I found the Rev kite and came here. I definitely will be getting a rev before a 2 liner now, it looks like a challenge. I'm overwhelmed by all the information so it's hard to process what Rev to get.

I live in Beaumont Tx and there is hardly any wind but I'm about 40 minutes from the gulf. So what kite would you recommend for the beach that has winds 10-20mph?
Also are there any people in the area?


#2 big bri

big bri


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Posted 15 July 2009 - 10:50 PM

Welcome to the Forum.I hope you Enjoy your visits.

Thers loads of stuff on Whats best for New Pilots.Personal taste,budget,and many good opinions.
Personally,i would try and find your local Rev dealer and or.A group of Rev flyers near to ya.Sorta,try.Before you buy.Thers a list of dealers on the Home page for this site i think.

My Rev buying route was,EXP,SLE,REV1 Sedgwick,B Series[B series was only available later on in my buying]

I now has a few more,,,,,,:}

E N J O Y.


#3 Dean750


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Posted 15 July 2009 - 11:00 PM

Well, kinda sure theres someone at least within the state that fly's Revs. And as I've recently found out, team flying is the BEST with a Rev. So in that case you'll need a 1.5 of some kind..... std. 1.5, B Series, or as I'd suggest, the B Pro.
Those are the kites that'll be precise, (you'll get GOOD, but never master it) and will do some pretty cool tricks and as said are the kite for anyone who wants to fly shoulder to shoulder with someone else or a bunch of someone elses. Oh, and 120' 90# lines too. Std. sail, (0 to 15mph) if you wanna fly. B Series comes with 2 frames and handles.
1.5 std Rev kite anymore would be a good beginner kite if bashing is in mind. Not as expensive as some models.
Want a package that gives you most of what you need to learn how to fly.... a bit more dollars, but you only need a set of lines and one exra frame to complete all you'll need for say a std. B. Race Rods is the frame. Some of us can use our race rods, and std kites to fly indoors to about 12 mph give or take on just the race set. Plus some of the other set ups with the kite and multiple frames. Theres also the mid vent, and the full vent.
Then theres the speed series and the power series.
Guess the answer to your question is..... what do you want and what do you expect to do with your new Rev?

#4 FortFlyer


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Posted 15 July 2009 - 11:29 PM

Without plugging the whole line of kites if you feel you will be in 10-20 mph winds a vented 1.5 or B-series is the way to go smoother less twitchy and a real fun kite, If the wind goes below 10 mph you might be bummin until you get some experience.

A standard sail (no vents) will take you to the 20 mph range (with double frame on the b-series) but after 10-12 it starts to lose precision and gets squirrely.

Pretty much all you need is to be sure where you will spend most of your time flying and then decide from there, However I would suggest the B-series either way because they come with adjustable handles and 2 frame sets which can be combined to widen your wind range on either sail all you need is a set of lines aside from the package and you are on your way to becoming a quad addict (and you will buy more kites trust me)

Good luck and welcome to one of the few LEGAL addictions not controlled by the government in some way B)

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#5 quaa714


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Posted 16 July 2009 - 01:16 AM

Don't know how far Beaumont is from South Padre Island but there are a bunch of Rev enthusiasts there you could hook up with. I'm sure they would be happy to let you fly their kites to get a handle on the different types of Revs available.

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#6 kytgrl

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Posted 16 July 2009 - 04:14 AM

I'm part of the South Padre Island Rev enthusiasts. We fly our B-series vented the majority of the time with the 10-20 winds here. If it's a bit lighter wind, we love our mid vents. You're welcome to come down and fly with us anytime. We're there most weekends. There's also a kite club in your area called SHARK, South Houston Area Recreational Kiters, or something like that. Their club fly is this weekend too. I'll give you a couple of contact e-mails for them. They have a couple of Rev flyers for sure.

kiteshark@flast.net is the contact on their website.
Laura and John Shamrock are very active in it, and they could give you better contact info, and their address is sealover@mail2beach.com

Again, if you come on down farther south, hook up with us. We would love to fly with you.


#7 poolking

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Posted 17 July 2009 - 05:03 PM

Hey st0rk,

The SHARK Fun Fly is tomorrow the 18th. We will be at San Luis Pass. Please come fly with us.

I have a new Rev 1.5SLE that Spence 062 is going to give me some help on how to fly it.

kytgrl is a member of the Rev team at SPI. You may want to think about SPI kite fest next year. They may have a Rev clinic again.


#8 st0rk

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Posted 18 July 2009 - 12:40 PM

Hey st0rk,

The SHARK Fun Fly is tomorrow the 18th. We will be at San Luis Pass. Please come fly with us.

I have a new Rev 1.5SLE that Spence 062 is going to give me some help on how to fly it.

kytgrl is a member of the Rev team at SPI. You may want to think about SPI kite fest next year. They may have a Rev clinic again.


thanks ill try to make it out to the next one

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