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Walking and chewing gum

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Posted 14 June 2009 - 05:41 PM

After weeks, literally, waiting for some kind of usuable wind there was somewhat of a usable wind today. Started out bordering on ballistic, but calmed down a bit as the morning wore on. At its worst it was still better than some of the hurricanes I'm tried to use in the past so all-in-all decent. After a couple hours it was on its way out. I kept decreasing the brake just to manage some forward movement.

In any event, with our festival less than a week away I really wanted to just work on anything. I knew there would be nothing perfected today and nothing new ready by next week, but I will do what I can do.

Decided to work on a bicycle which I have since learned it tough in a strong wind. I was mainly after just getting the coarse moves into some kind of muscle memory. Forget making it look good yet. Looked pretty bad, but twice it stayed in place and did a couple 360s. That was shear luck on the timing since most times I did not have the push/pull in sync at all and lost track of what was up.

I then decided to use some of my exaggerated movement mentality that worked so well with the inverted slide. As I was doing that I figured the handle movement looked familiar then it dawned on me it was from someone's video showing clockwork and, indeed, the kite was doing a clockwork turn. Very rough, let's not kid anyone. More like a clockwork movement while the clock is being thrown around the sky, but if you knew what you were looking at you'd be able to say that it looked like a clock. I was pleased with that since my snap turns just weren't happening and this relies on snap turns to work so if there was any kind of programming going on it will benefit me greatly later.

It's the timing that gets so confusing. Not sinking is very difficult when you don't always have the proper wing up that is being pulled in. Then there is the whole issue of gauging just how much it needed to hover the kite and only hover it. The kite wasn't the only thing spinning!

As the wind kept dropping off I finished by working on hovers. I was able to use my vented today so hovers always are cleaner with it. Finally I wsas able to hold an inverted hover on the bottom half of the arc facing 45 degrees either direction. This is another major break-through for me as I could only do hovers at 12, 3, 6 and 9 (except any facing the top of the arc I can hold those), but never anything like 5 or 7. A good step in "own thy hover" which is he first rule of everything. I even managed to pull away in a straight line from them and get a fairly good reverse back into position. The makings of a ball burst (now if there were just three more parts of the ball living here!!).

Don't know if there will be any wind after work this week, but hoping for at least another day before the festival. I need to go for a walk and chew gum before then I guess!


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