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New Blast

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#1 usmcculp

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Posted 21 May 2009 - 06:12 PM

O.k. so I am new to the rev and have been addicted to everything there is to offer ever since a gentleman let me fly his rev(i think it was a b-series vented). I have since purchased a 1.5 SLE and to my pleasure I found a 3 wrap frame 1/4in frame in the kite bag in addition to the SLE. After experiementing with both LE, I have decided like many of you have said that I like the feel of the 1/4in more BUT in more servere winds (sail flapping and kite tugging hard) I feel more safe with the SLE.

So how is this revelant to the new 2009 Blast. Well, I have decided that maybe I need something that can handle the high winds better. After looking, and not finding out much, at the Blast, I think I might want to add to my collection. Would this be a good high wind kite? I have also seen rumors that there is to be a vented Blast, does anyone know if there is any truth in this?

I like the feel of the higher winds ( somehow, it seems like I am required to do more work to keep kite in the air in anything less than 13 MPH --- maybe I am doing something wrong), but I also want to feel safe while flying i.e. kites belong in the air not me.

Also one last question, the Rev site says that iQuad will be flying these in there team routines, can you confirm or deny this John. What I am really concerned about is if this kite would give me percision I like about the revs. Some video on insane slides has me looking more at this, then say a B-series vented.

Any thoughts would be great.

#2 tonycarl


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Posted 21 May 2009 - 09:09 PM

Have you looked into the Supersonic, especially the vented version? It's my favorite high wind rev.

#3 Baloo


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Posted 21 May 2009 - 09:45 PM

Welcome to the forum, and to what is generaly accepted as The Dark Side of kiting.

So you are already hoocked then. The only cure to that is to become addicted.

The Blast, what a kite, it will pull your arms out of thier sockets if you dont keep an eye on it, and the next moment with a flick of your wrist it is back under control. Crazy fast in strong winds, floats and glides in lower winds. I find for me it needs more wind than a full sail 1.5, however I have seen it flown (with the new race leading edge) in a wind I couldnt get a Rev 1 with race spars to fly in.

I also think you might find the Supersonic a good start point into the speed series. Crazy fast, insane slides etc.

Then again have you tried the fun of a Rev 2, and dont give up on a vented B till you try one, also try to try them out with Race spars in.

Best advice, find other Rev Heads in your area or go to a Fest. I am pretty sure you could ask any Rev flier if you can try thier kite out. Better still find a Fest that iQuad are going to. Ask them if they can help you at all, I am sure they will tell you where to go!! Straight onto thier handles. Try a few differnet ones out B4 you buy. Ben (Beach on here) is another guy worth bumping into if you can. He normaly has one or two kites you might be able to try out.

#4 Sailor99


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Posted 21 May 2009 - 09:48 PM

just bought one of the new blasts and I am massively impressed with it. It's a real improvement on the old ones IMHO. In lighter winds it is superb with glorious floats and axels, but all the power you could want if you keep it moving. I would say it's not quite up to a 1.5 on precision (more momentum) and nowhere near a 1. But of course that may come with more practice.

It's a full sail though, so not really a strong wind kite. It really is very powerful once it starts moving forwards. I don't know about the vented version, but I want one!

What the bear said about trying out.

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Over - Jeremy

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#5 Jonesey


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Posted 22 May 2009 - 12:41 AM

Ditto ....

Ok thats probably a bit lazy!

I think any Rev flyers should have a Standard and vented B in their bags regardless of what else ... with these two you are pretty much covered in most conditions .... at this point the current Mrs Jones would be asking why do I need 15 in my bag then... well thats the point and it all depends on who you fly with, how often and where....

1.5's in any flavour are the de-facto standard these days for flying in company and to develop skills ..
the speed series, supersonic and shockwave are my mess about kites that I occasionally pull out when alone for a bit of yehaw action. If its breezy then the vented supersonic is the kite of choice ... all the speed and fun without the danger of arm loss.

Unlike what your proposing the Blast and Power Blast are kites I only use in the light/medium stuff as I dont have a buggy or mountain board to make full use of the power up range and without its really just a survival exercise or competition between my arm sockets and the kite... in the light stuff they float like demons and the new blast race rods extend the Blasts range down into what was previously 2~4 country only for me.

Decisions decisions..... thats the fun and as my learned colleges have said ... try before you buy if you can.... my bags always open and like Baloo says its unusual to find a rev flyer that wont insist you help yourself ;)

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#6 kitecowboy


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Posted 22 May 2009 - 11:43 AM

Blasts' rock !!! I have an older one and I love it light wind, heavy wind it dont matter just different style. I dont even try to compare it to my 1.5's. I havent tried the new rods yet but from what I hear they just turn it into a 1.5 wannabe. The only thing I might do is buy another one and vent my old one. this vid kind of inspired me.

thank you and have a goodnight. ;)
Cowboy, rocks in your pockets couldn't hurt.

#7 Sailor99


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Posted 22 May 2009 - 07:17 PM

While I didn't own one of the old ones I did have a go on one from time to time. Based on this I would just say there are more differences than just the leading edge. Just one example. I would not normally support Mylar and ripstop mixed in a sail. But in the speed series there is an argument for the extra panel stiffness in some cases. The way rev have done it on the trailing edges to support this vulnerable part of the kite (remember that a buzzing edge is simply loosing energy from the sail) is great at they have maintained the colours of the kite.

The whole kite just kind if feels better quality and more thought through IMHO if that makes sense.

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Over - Jeremy

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#8 Rev'ed up

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Posted 07 June 2009 - 06:42 PM

I have been a Rev II flyer since "93 and have loved it if the wind is over 10 to 15. I really get into fast and furious flyingand I was seriously lookong at the Supersonic, but high winds seem to be hard to come by for me. My budget does not allow for a different kite for every occasion, so I was steered toward the new Blast to hopefully have some fun in under 10 wind. Kite is on the way from Kent in Vegas who just had a Son after his 5th girl. The man seems to know his kites, birth control is another story.

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