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Bristol World Record Mega Team

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Posted 02 September 2008 - 11:19 PM

I knowz, ... how do you think I came up with OOO 4 HEZ! (didya see me waving bye bye to ya on the way out on Sunday morning!)

The original K17E was K17E OK (Andrew Beattie) then K17E UK (aeolian (ex-mine!) ) then everyone started off.. K17E UP, K17ER X, K17E GB, K17E RM, K17E SB, etc etc
Of course Kite Society have had K1TE A for as long as I can remember... (which must be worth a bomb in itself even if just for K1 TEA)

I wanted something to identify HEZZ :kid_smartass: and I got it! (only at the standard DVLA price)

Could've had HEZ555 (Hezz's) but at 1600 I don't think so!!! :kid_frustrated:

Anyway if it makes you smile every time you look at your car, it's well worth it!


P.S. Did I mention I really really love your Union Jack kites!!! WOW! What a fab design, love the grey 'folds', truly stunning!

*When i will livibng in England (perhaps a day ...) i want the FL1C 01 !!!! In France it's impossible ....

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