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A moral dilemma

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Posted 06 June 2011 - 09:33 AM

Many good suggestions in here for dealing with the "obliviots". Obliviots :lol: - what a great word! The Obliviots topic is good reading too.

I generally try to be completely aproachable while flying my kites. I wave to almost everyone who stops to watch (lets me show off some one-handed flying, a further demonstration of control), and talk to anyone, pleasantly and politely, who wants to know more about the Rev. When people walk across the area between me and my kite, I keep the kite as high in the air as possible, and politely ask them to "watch for the kite."

However, when things start to turn ugly....

1. I set my kite down, and approach the offending person/party, so long as I don't see weapons or glass bottles. I don't believe in waiting for the trouble to come to me. Walking towards the "trouble" sends them a message: I'm not afraid of confrontation, and I believe I'm righteous here. Don't walk fast, just stroll.

2. I keep my cool when speaking, in tone and usage. I try and let them know I don't take the situation personally, I'm just trying to get some exercise and I need a bit of space to do so. I try and probe them for any interest in the kite, in the hopes I can turn an uncomfortable situation into a chance to teach someone about a great sport.

Be careful at how you approach parents and boyfriends. Both groups are trying to show off to a 3rd party, i.e. children, girlfriends. If you go trying to challenge either of these groups in front of their respective audiences, you are going to escalate problems very quickly.

3. Get to know local security. Every single park in Las Vegas has a security patrol, these folks are invaluable to me. Try and seek these people out, and introduce yourself. If you can't find them, call your local parks and recreation services and ask them for the direct number to park security in the areas you fly at. Call them up while you are at the park, and introduce yourself over the phone, see if you can arrange a face-to-face meeting.

4. When I have to call upon security to solve a problem, I use a little reverse-psychology against the offender. I like to say, "I'm calling security, you stay right there! Don't you move security will help us straighten this out." When in a heated argument, telling someone what to do has the effect of making them want to do the OPPOSITE of what you told them to do. I've found that telling people "You stay right there!" has them moving to somewhere else almost immediately, even if they still want to argue :sly:. I've had to do this quite a few times over my kiting career :(

5. If you feel problems are out-of-hand, don't threaten to call security - follow through and do it, every time. You can always call them back to alert them the situation has been resolved. If you have already introduced yourself to the security people, you will win almost every time;)

6. If your "gut feeling" is telling you to leave, don't ignore it! I can "sense" violence in the air, and when I do, I pack up and leave. Call security from a safe place.

I'm hopeful for the day when NONE of this is necessary :rolleyes:

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Posted 06 June 2011 - 11:20 AM

Excellent summary and advice. I especially endorse the advice in 2a (parents and boyfriends).
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Posted 02 August 2011 - 08:19 PM

Hi, everyone.

New to the rev forum, maybe my third or fourth post, don't even have an avatar yet, because I believe the one I use on the IKE forum may not be appropriate here (home-made revalike).

However, back to the topic. Whenever someone encroaches upon my wind window, I "demonstrate" the flying range of my rev/dual/slk. If they persist, I move. If they're obliviots (here in the Chicago Metro area we're not as gracious, we call them a______s), and continue to encroach, I simply move to where they came from and fly there. Repeat, repeat, repeat. It works just fine. They usually have much more stuff to move than I do. (This also works really great if you're fishing and catching fish and they aren't and they begin rubbing elbows with you.) Eventually, THEIR intimidation wears off, is overcome by curiosity, and pleasant conversation, and an occasional convert to darkside. In my humble opinion, (I need the typing practice), slather them with kindness!!!!!! I've been flying in many different locations for the last three years, and have experienced zero anomisity using this protocol.

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