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SUL and B 1.5 std: is there a gap?

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#1 alnegri

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Posted 18 May 2008 - 09:28 AM

I am enthusiast on Revolutions, and I want to became a really expert.
So I thought I need to fly in whatever conditions, and I bought, step by step, an Indoor, an SUL, a B vented, a Shockwave and the Race Rods.
I love everyone for their different features.
The question is: is there a gap between the SUL and the B vented ?
I have the possibility to by the single B non vented sail.
So is the B not vented very different for the SUL and the B vented?


#2 Sailor99


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Posted 18 May 2008 - 10:05 AM

There is a huge gap, a very big gap, between the SUL and the B vented. In really light wind you have to work very hard to keep the B vented flying but the SUL will fly with ease.

There is a small gap between the B standard and the SUL. If you fitted the SUL bridle to the standard B and used professional or race rods there would be almost no gap. Skill would make a much bigger difference when flying in really light winds than the difference between a standard B and an SUL.

But when the wind is about 2-8 MPH the standard B is great! You would not want to use your SUL in these winds though, and you may find your vented too difficult. If you can fly your vented with a race frame in these winds it is superb!!! It is much easier in a beach wind rather than a variable land wind when the wind is light. Skill and practice is the most important thing I think.

My ideal for each wind (approximately) would be:

SUL - no wind
Standard B with race frame -2/6MPH
6-10MPH - vented with race frame

Then vented with 3 wrap, 4 wrap and finally 4 and 3 wrap as the wind increases.
Over - Jeremy

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#3 FortFlyer


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Posted 18 May 2008 - 10:12 AM

The SUL is designed for very low winds and indoor if your skill level is up to par.

The standard B-series can be flown in very low wind with the 2 wraps or even race rods through a higher wind range than the SUL.

I never fly my SUL over 7mph if its already out for light wind and it picks up a bit, I'll usually switch to a vented with race rods from 5 mph up because thats what I prefer. It all depends on what your comfortable with.

Any standard sail Rev is good for almost light to mid teens and is generally referred to as the mid range sail.
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#4 alnegri

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Posted 18 May 2008 - 10:08 PM

I will buy a B 1.5

Thanks everybody.


#5 steveb


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Posted 19 May 2008 - 05:17 AM

The SUL sail & bridle weighs about 105 grams, where the B-Series sail & bridle weigh about 125 grams.

The SUL is slightly less work to keep flying at the bottom end of the wind range, but by using the correct flying techniques, you can still fly the B-Series standard sail in very light winds. A set of Race Rods and lighter weight lines helps too.

I find the SUL's Spectra bridle prone to tangling or getting caught on snag points on the kite and its ripstop Nylon leading edge is much less durable if you fly over abrasive or thorny grounds than the Dacron material used on the standard sails.

Though I've owned three of them over the years, I've found new homes for all my SULs and kept the B-Series Standard.

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