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#41 ramakristan


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Posted 10 April 2008 - 12:24 AM

My 1st Rev kite was a Super Blast, now it is called Blast 2-4, not knowing how to fly but managed to get a light training from a friend who made a copy, just by looking at the shape.
Bought 2 Super Blasts actually & gave 1 to my bro residing in UK.
Took me lots of practice and slowly I managed to fly at ease. Now I am a proud owner of 3 Rev1.5 SLE, 1 John Barresi, 1 Shockwave and 1 Rev II.

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Posted 10 April 2008 - 12:38 AM

Just wanted to thank you guys for all this 2-4 talk, it made me have to pull out mine today its sorta like a yawn very catchy.

Funny thing is flying the 2-4 today the wind was also 2-4 mph steady off the ocean to me this is where the Power Blast is at its best in the light wind environment.

To be able to fly this huge kite in almost no wind and have people walk by asking how the hell am I flying in no wind then you say watch this, Then lock in the power and watch their faces as a 300 lb man gets pulled a few steps fwd :kid_smartass:

Glad you 2 enjoy them they are a Blast as the name says, Oh and Jonesey the 2-4 was my 2nd Rev :kid_devlish: and I prefer to fly it on 40' or 50' lines for getting even more personal.


What weight shorter lines?? I like the idea of that! ... Like you say Alden ... something else to buy

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Posted 13 April 2008 - 04:45 PM


What weight shorter lines?? I like the idea of that! ... Like you say Alden ... something else to buy

Sorry I missed this, as for the weight lines well for really light wind 90# is fine or whatever you are comfortable with.

Personally I'll use 90" x 30' - 40' - 50' and 60' depending where I am flying.

I also have 150# in the 40' and 60' for 8-15 mph on all my speed series I like the stiffer lines and more direct reaction.

I do have 200# in 40' and 100' and thats for honkin wind 20+ again its mostly for the stiffer quicker handling the speed series can make lines feel spongy really fast so i don't hesitate to upgrade sooner than probably needed.

Hope that helps somewhat and not confuse you more. Welcome to the 2-4 Club :kid_devlish:
Ft. Taber Park & Brenton Point

Rev's are like a carbon framed out-of-body experience

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