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How Did We Get Into REV KITES??

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#81 Watty


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Posted 18 July 2008 - 05:08 PM

You're not the only young rev flyer here. ;)
Welcome to the forum.

Spence "Watty" Watson



#82 big bri

big bri


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Posted 18 July 2008 - 11:39 PM

Welcome,and your certainly not the only young rev pilot around here,thers loads of us.

BRIAN... :)

#83 Sailor99


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Posted 19 July 2008 - 12:10 AM

thers loads of us.

Good old Bri - ever the rosy glasses ;)
Over - Jeremy

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#84 big bri

big bri


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Posted 19 July 2008 - 02:39 AM

Good old Bri - ever the rosy glasses ;)

Depends realy,in the whole scheme of things,im at my embrionic stage.

BRIAN...Kids,kiyts,and kickers

#85 Ricko

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Posted 19 July 2008 - 06:51 AM

Depends realy,in the whole scheme of things,im at my embrionic stage.

BRIAN...Kids,kiyts,and kickers

"Depends realy,in the whole scheme of things,im at my embrionic stage." :)
Yea me too.

#86 LS Kite Stakes

LS Kite Stakes

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Posted 20 July 2008 - 07:36 PM

And there are old farts like me too! JB and Team iQuad videos are responsible for my ownership into this exclusive club. Now I see why Revolution kites sponsors them......... :sign_kitelife:
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#87 Yippiee


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Posted 19 September 2008 - 12:36 AM

Ok is WSIKF 2008 - took my 12 yo boy to our first kite festival. Rainy, cold and wind blowing 50+ mph - not a kite in the sky - not a soul on the beach. :badmood:
I bought my boy a "Bongo" air foil kite at the Kite Museum, we put on rainsuits and launched that puppy. It was the only kite flying on the beach at the (WSIKF) Washington State International Kite Festival - lol. You should have seen that thing ripping across the gail force winds on 20 ft of line - lol. It went like that for two days and then..... the sun came out - beautiful kites floating across the sky - people laughing and smiling everywhere. :clap;

Walked by Lolly and Penny giving test drives and Rev clinic in a small flight area. My boy got in Penny's line and I waited for what seemed like an eternity for my turn with Lolly. :ani_sleep: Finally, my turn - she put the handles in my hand, and gave me a few pointers. I slammed that thing into the ground repeatedly, just as fast as it would go for the first minute and a half. :dizzy: Next two minutes was spent with Lolly chasing down the dang thing, and retreving it from whereever I crashed it outside the small fly zone. Then something in my mind snapped from dual line mentality to quad bliss! :ani_idea: I had the thing on a tip stand - waving it back and forth - while Lolly pollitely shouted, "Right thumb forward - back to take-off position" I replied, "Wait - look, I'm trying to make it do that!!!" :ani_yahoo: I don't remember a thing for the next couple of minutes. When Lolly showed back up - I knew it was time to reluctantly turn over the handles to someone else. All I kept saying was, "I want your job - this is too cool". :prop:

She handed me a business card and told me I have to get one of these (actually 2, a vented and non- vented). :ani_rtfm: I guess she can tell Rev junkie a mile away by the glazed look in my eyes and the ear to ear smile on my face.

After watching some "skilled" pilots in the zone doing their thing - I almost ran all the way into town to buy a kite. Some really nice people (sorry I can't remember everyone's names) showed me some tricks to set-up and take down, and gave me a few flying pointers. Next 3 hours was a blur.

Day #2, 2 more hours of airtime and then back to town for a vented B. By the end of the day, I had a kite bag, 120 ft lines and race rods and I haven't looked back. (Thanks Sput, Theresa and Eli)

Last three weeks all I have been able to do is think about Revs.....videos, pics, forums, flying, etc.

I'm addicted and lovin it !!!! Great people and products - it has changed my life. :mf_party:

Last day of the festival - Lolly signed my kites. She's my Rev Angel - Your friend - Mike :revangel:

(Oh yeah - after the festival was over - and everyone was gone - Penny and I were the only ones on the Beach flying in the rain - What a great time - Thanks All)
"I've never met a person that doesn't enjoy a kite dancin on a breeze" Yippiee - Mike

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#88 kitecowboy


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Posted 20 September 2008 - 03:22 PM

hey there I noticed that Watty is from spokane I went through there yesterday on my way north to Canada i was wondering where in town there was to fly? I stop alot in different places always on the look out for fellow flyers. I also heard there was a kite shop around there somewhere aswell.

I just started with Revs reacently but been flying everything else for, ever i guess. my broyther got me a single line box kite when i was 12, I still run it up on my home field everytime, wind permitting of course.

I started on dual lines 20 years ago. just came across them in a hobby store one day, traction kites came later then say a Rev one day in Vancouver BC and it seemed like a cool new challenge.

So here we go.

Cowboy, rocks in your pockets couldn't hurt.

#89 Merrik

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Posted 25 September 2008 - 02:38 PM

It all started for me back when i was knee high to grasshopper. Must have been about 7 at the time and was living in Senegal when my dad bought me a kite..... a custom union jack flexifoil splitz (piccy in me gallery (any cleaning tips appreciated))...which was nice.... as according to the instructions it should'nt have been flown by anyone under the age of 14... typical of him really ;) much good flying on the very western tip of africa, a few thorny rips here and there and more than a few frenchman's picnic baskets washed into the sea as they stopped to watch the mad englishman flying the flag (senegal being a french colony `n all).

Anyhoo.... that kite has been my mainstay since then and flown all over the world.

Last year MSOH and i went to the Chelmsford balloon & kite festival as it was on our door step and she was kinda interested in kite although had never flown one.

While walking next to the arena she suggested i look up and there 5 inches above my head was this awesome kite which then followed me i was walked backwards and forwards... to say i was impressed would be a minor understatement.

Found the Kiteworld stall and unfortunately could afford one there and then although i was mighty tempted. Also.. whoever was giving advice about rev's (not Steve) kinda seemed a bit elitist and put me off.

But... it was too late. I was hooked... over the last year it has been nibbling away at me so in July we went to clacton for a picnic (i had an ulterior motive of course - see hooked) to find kiteworld were closed as at a festival. So decided to goto the next festival in Royston to pick one up having decided on a Rev 1.5 SLE in Red&Black (wish i'd found this forum first - i would have bought the B series) to find it was out of stock.... GAH! serves me right for not ringing ahead. But was still worth going to see 3 duals being flown by one guy and Stafford Wallace just blew us away... the man is amazing.

Anyway, Steve was a superstar and within a week or so i was meeting them on their way down to Gravesend festival in a filling station to collect my new bubba. (thats what i call service)

So not been flying long as the wind/weather & my back has been kinda sucky.

Saving for a new addition soon but probably race rods first then a vented B maybe.

May your wind never be lumpy.... eh hem
Stay safe, stay well, dream well


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#90 bake

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Posted 08 October 2008 - 03:30 PM

I was in Washington on holidays and walked into a couple of kite shops and aske for the hottest kite they had, both of them showed me the Revs on the wall but I thought they must be wrong with such a odd shape.

We went on to Oregon and the same thing happened in 2 more stores, so it made me ask the last vendor some more questions, he said "watch the video playing over here"

I left with a 1.5 SLE
What could possibly go wrong?

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