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Flying at Stoney Cross

Posted by Yrna, 16 July 2009 · 257 views

After acquiring my new vented B, I couldn't resist temptation and went flying to Stoney Cross a couple of times after work this week. I'm slowly getting used to the longer lines (120'). I've been using vented kite and race rods - a combination I couldn't understand when I first read about it, but in practice it just makes so much sense. I love my vented kite as it absorbs sudden changes in wind, it gives me more time to react and it's that much more stable. Inverted hover is coming along nicely, I can hold it for as long as needed now. What I did notice when I reverse the kite is that I initially lose altitude and I struggle to regain it. I don't have that much of a drop when I turn it sideways. Then again, I also find reverse flight easier when vertical than when inverted. Also, if I try to slide, it loses altitude and soon ends up on the ground. I expect it will get easier eventually.

I've been practicing doing various turns and things within an area of a cloud and apart from dropping when going inverted, I've been doing quite well. Also, controlled flight across the window in a straight line is much easier - I find the kite doesn't suddenly pick up speed any more like it used to. I'm sure this is partially because I'm flying vented and it's not so twitchy. I'd like to think that partially it's purely because I got better at it.

I've watched that DVD that comes with B-series and anything past the actual setup is beyond me. Snap turns? Bicycles? I tried a snap turn and yes, the kite turns fast - and overshoots! I kinda don't think I have that counter-twitch timed well. Oh well... at least I'm getting to a point now where I know I can control the kite enough it will never smash into the ground or even shoot off in a random direction and hurt people. And that's a good start as far as I'm concerned!

So, things to practice: reverse flight. Need to gain more control.

It's a bit of a shame I won't be going to Dunstable this Sunday, but I have so much stuff to do at home, what with the upcoming house move and all. I have to reign in my addictive tendencies and wait for Portsmouth!

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