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Race rods in action

Posted by Yrna, 09 July 2009 · 814 views

I had a really frustrating day today, chasing stupid insurance people to finally sort out my car, receiving the call from the garage saying that it may not be worth fixing... generally, just a rubbish day. Until this evening.

I packed Cal's BB guns into the car so all he had to do when he came from school is change clothes and go. We then quickly picked up my hubby and by 6.15pm we were at Stoney Cross. I realised I should have brought a jacket, it was quite windy and really, really cold. Well, cold considering what I was wearing, anyway, but I wasn't going to give up - I had to try out the race rods. And I am so glad I did!

I can't really find the words to describe how it felt to fly my kite with the race rods. It was so responsive, but not in the over-reacting sort of way. It gave more feedback, I could feel what I was going to do and it was easier to control. It sounds so trivial when I type it, but it was actually a huge difference. And the wind wasn't very consistent either, it would gust and then drop down to next to nothing, but the kite kept on flying... I can honestly say I never had so much fun flying my Rev as I did today. I was like a little kid, just laughing like a maniac at how the kite did exactly what I wanted it to. And the biggest achievement of the evening was definitely the inverted flight.

Yes, the invertedness was achieved and maintained for long enough to be photographed. In fact, hubby sneakily took a little film without me noticing and you can clearly see the kite wobbling backwards across the sky here.

Posted Image

Sure, there was a lot of wobbling involved, and a lot of attempts looked more like a slowly descending rocking chair, but at times I could actually get it to hover. Upside-down! I find it harder to actually take off inverted than to turn it and then hold it like that. I did manage several inverted rocking ascents and I'm sure it will get better with practice. With gusty wind like we had today and my fingers so frozen I couldn't really feel them, it wasn't really the ideal time to practice. We only stayed for an hour or so because I really started feeling the cold. But a dinner in a great pub on the way back gave me a chance to warm up :)

On the whole, it turned out to be a brilliant day. Flying may not make things better, but it certainly makes them look better. I'm ready to face the insurers tomorrow again!

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