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What a beautiful day...

Posted by Yrna, 06 July 2009 · 240 views

What a beautiful day Sunday was. 15mph SW winds, perfect for flying in Stokes Bay. As I've never been there before, hubby suggested we try to find it. Our son decided to be a miserable 14 year old and stay at home, so the two of us set off on our own. There was an accident on the motorway and we took a detour, but it turned out too many people had the same idea so we ended up stuck anyway. Hot and miserable in the car, with not much in the way of good music on the radio it looked like it was going to be a rubbish day.

It all changed when we finally got there (partially thanks to my lovely TomTom!) - outside of the car the breeze made the heat much easier to cope with. We grabbed some food in a cafe and watched some guy kitesurfing for a while and just sat there enjoying the sun and the wind. Then back in the car and a little bit down the road to the actual flying place - it was easy to recognise as there were many kites in the air already. It always cheers me up, a sight of many different kites in the sky.

Close Encounters Team were there, with their unmistakable kites that I've learned to recognise over the years at Southampton Kite Festival. But they also had something new in store - when I arrived they were just setting up a pair of stacks in red, white and blue with beautiful tails - they should do a ballet to that song from The Italian Job! And if they do, you heard it here first ;) I had a little chat (I did mention the Italian Job), but they said those kites were a bit too twitchy and that they don't think they'll be flying them as a team. Shame - they looked so pretty in the sky.

Anyway, the conversation then turned to my Rev and how I was struggling with inverted hovers. We had a little lesson, I was given some tips on how to practice and I can say I'm already seeing the results. Not any sort of impressive results, but I did manage to repeatedly take off inverted, about a meter or so off the ground. Some attempts were quite wobbly, some were more stable, but I also noticed that when I inverted it in flight a few times, I had that little bit more control over it. Little being the key word here. Still, I'll stay optimistic about this - it was definitely a step forward.

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After some flying in the most wonderful wind I have experienced this year, it was time to pack up and head home. We had a hungry teenager waiting, and not many things are worse than that! And this beautiful day also finished great, thanks to my hubby: he made great dinner when we got home and then we watched a film together. Aw.

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