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This is a family forum, diverse in age, gender, creed and nationality, therefore please refrain from:

  • Posts of a political or religious nature
  • Trolling, flaming, or spamming
Quite simply, this is a forum for constructive discussion, all things being up for healthy and non-derisive debate.

While Revolution Kites does not specifically take exception to homemade "Rev style" kites, these postings are prohibited:

  • Rev kite plans
  • Copies of Rev designs
  • Links to any web content promoting Rev clones (other companies, eBay, etc)
  • Other content that could support or encourage commercial cloning of Rev kites
Please use good taste, and feel free to contact the primary administrator with questions if you're unsure.

If you discover what you believe to be Rev copies being sold commercially, please send a PM to Revolution's General Manager with specifics.

Revolution staff reserves the right to moderate, suspend or even ban members who are engaged in activities contrary to company policies.