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The whole collection -

Supersonic (blue/black)
1.5 std (rwb)
1.5 full vent (red/yellow)
Zen (white/blue)
1.5b (black and gold)
1.5b pro std (purple)
1.5b pro midvent (teal)

    and the blue/white is a 20th anniversary model
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    This is out of date now. Will be 14 when the last three here come in:

    1.5 SLE Red/white/blu
    1.5 SLE FV Red/Yellow (this kite surprises me - it has a big tear repaired with tedlar and it flies quite nicely)
    Supersonic blue/black

    1.5B STD Gold/Black
    1.5B MV Red/Black

    1.5B Pro Std Purple/Black
    1.5B Pro MV Tiel/Black

    Masterpiece - Twisted Yellow/Black
    Masterpiece - Shook Mesh White/Green/Blue
    20th Anniversary Blue/white
    Zen Blue Fade

    Revopolo std.
    B 2 Std Blue/Black
    B 2 FV Blue/Black
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