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Stokes Bay with Hampshire crew

Posted by Yrna, 31 July 2009 · 749 views

It's been a busy few weeks. Our house buying adventure is nearing the end (oops... should I touch wood now?) and we're seriously starting to clear out random crap we've accumulated over the years. It doesn't leave much space for flying, but I wasn't going to miss meeting up with the guys (and Tine!) at Stokes Bay on Sunday. As everyone on the forum is probably aware by now, it was Mr. Git's birthday and he was bringing his new Shockwave to test. But more than that, it was an opportunity to get together and get some much needed team flying practice in. I should point out, it's not them that need practice, it's me!

Much fun was had, many doughnuts were eaten and we even got round to some flying. This is the second time I tried some team flying and I still can't get over how different it is. It's not just the fact that you're sharing the sky - that doesn't seem to be the problem, really. What throws me is that the wind is different and the kite behaves in unexpected ways. Or more so than when I'm on my own. And as someone pointed out, it really highlights just how poor control you have because the team is a good point of reference. You notice so much more if you're suddenly gently drifting out of place. Or that the whole team is waiting for you to get in the correct position. You can take your time when you're on your own, you can try and position the kite "just so" forever and a day, but when you're with the team that lack of control really shows.

Team flying also highlighted the fact that I tend to fly too fast. I mean, I kind of know that I often finish a maneuver quickly because I lack control. I just hope I can finish something before I crash. On my own I suppose I'm just happy I did something at all, where as with the others I try to match speed and crash. Well, most of the times when doing the whole "follow the leader" thing. Um. That was quite embarrasing, really, because I actually practiced the infinity loop on my own and thought I was really good at it. I was SO pleased how nice and even I could make it. I'm not sure is it just that the team flies slower or that I panic or ... don't know. Les says I have to remember to breathe. I think part of it is I try and think about what I need to do (because I'm panicking) rather than just fly by feel, which is what I normally do.

So. I've got a whole list of things I need to practice before we get together again. It all really boils down to slowing down A LOT with everything I do. And more practice with inverted flying and hovers. And downward diagonals. Slooooowly. Oh, and Benefits turns. Up is relatively easy, but down is a real pain. So... I suppose I could schedule another meeting with the guys in about 3 years time, when I'm ready to extend my list.

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