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Mad? Who, me?

Posted by Yrna, 05 July 2009 · 200 views

On Friday I managed to get the courtesy car sorted out, so after returning from Salisbury where we had to be in the morning, I decided the weather was great and I wanted to go flying. And my son suggested we go to Stoney Cross. Where we had that accident a couple of days before. So, after some um-ing and err-ing, we set off. Mad? Who, me? My husband certainly thought so, even though I said I won't be taking the same route back. (The accident happened on our way back last time we were at Stoney Cross)

There was quite a lot of wind and 5-6 kites were there already when we arrived. Some funny shaped quad line too, I don't think I've ever seen that before. Basically it looked like two diamonds attached at one corner. It looked pretty cool, but I'm not sure what it can do. I watched for a while, but they didn't really do anything exciting. I tried to find a picture of something similar on the net to post here and ask what it was, but I couldn't find anything like it.

I ended up flying for 2.5 hours or so. Good music on my Zen, good wind and good scenery. I love New Forest. I was trying to practice control because the kite sometimes just shoots of where IT wants rather than where I want it to. It could be a gust, a small change of wind direction, the wind drops or I lose concentration for a moment and off it goes! So I tried to plan what to do and then do exactly that. Say, straight up and straight down. Or up at 45 degrees and back the same, etc. And while it often works, it doesn't always. I can do circles and figures of 8 just fine, but flying in a straight line is that much harder, so I struggle doing a box. It ends up being three straight sides and a wobbly one. What I was really pleased about is that I could go slide up and down while kite is facing sideways. Left easier than right, of course, but still. I managed to touch the tip and then lift it again gently and in a straight line. Better still, I can actually repeat it, so I know it's not a freak accident.

Hovering itself is getting easier, but not so easy that I can easily analyse what I'm doing. If I could understand exactly how each movement affects it, it would be easier to do it facing right. Right now I just fly by feel, so if the kite does something unpredictable, I'm not entirely sure what happened and how to stop it from happening. Also, I really have to look up how to fly/hover upside down. Whenever I try, the kite just flips upright within seconds. I obviously need to achieve better balance, but no clue how.

Still, all this practice is definitely showing. My son hasn't seen me fly a Rev since a couple of weeks ago and he was certainly impressed with control and hovers. Apparently, it was pretty epic. Um. Good. It sounded like a compliment anyway, so I hope that it actually was.

It was good to fly in winds of 12-15mph. It can get rather frustrating if your whole session consists of struggling to keep the kite in the air. Still, my race rods should be on their way and I hope that will make life easier.

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