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On how things go very wrong sometimes

Posted by Yrna, 03 July 2009 · 176 views

A colegue of mine and I were talking yesterday and I made a mistake of saying my life was really good at the moment: we've had good weather for a few weeks now, I've been flying a lot, it's been lovely and warm etc etc. And I forgot to touch wood!

In the afternoon I picked up my husband and my son and drove to Stoney Cross. I was hoping for some good wind that afternoon, but it wasn't to be. Never mind, it was a lovely evening, it was nice to just sit and chat and relax after work. We were going to go to a pub for a meal afterwards too. On our way back some idiot drove into my car, buckled my front wheel and I had to have to towed away :( Yes, it wasn't my fault and I don't have to pay for any of it, but how annoying is that! No flying, no meal and no car! And what's worse, the wind is brilliant today but there's nowhere within walking distance I can go flying. Waiting to hear if my car will be fixed or written off. If they're fixing it, I should get a courtesy car at least.

Meh. The moral of the story: never admit your life is good - it's just tempting fate and you know it!

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