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Keeping track

Posted by Yrna, 01 July 2009 · 450 views

I've been keeping an eye on the weather whole day today, in hope that the wind will pick up and I'll be able to go flying after work. I couldn't believe when it actually happened! With wind at around 10mph I would have been mad not to go. So, rushed home straight from work, changed and got into car. I was so excited about flying that I forgot my water bottle, and with the temperature in high 20s that wasn't such a good idea. Still, never mind.

I usually fly at Lord's Hill sport rec (Southampton) - it's a nice, big field, but unfortunately it's surrounded by trees and that makes ground winds very turbulent and unpredictable. Not to mention lower wind speeds at ground level. Still, that is the closest place to home and ideal for sessions after work, like today.

When I arrived, I had the field all to myself. I put some Simple Minds on my Zen and started flying. The wind was really unpredictable and gusty, randomly changing direction and speed as it so often does on that field. Still, I suppose it was brilliant practice - try and keep the kite steady in such random conditions. I can't really say it went that well, but I noticed improvement from the last time (two days ago). I've had my Rev since May, but I didn't have that much opportunity to fly, so up until recently I could only hover straight up. Then on Monday I did really well facing left, but couldn't cope with facing right at all. And finally, today, I did quite well facing right too. Not perfect by any means, but a huge improvement.

I've done a lot of reading on the forums this past week and tried to take on board a lot of good advice that I found. One particular thing stuck in my mind and that is John B's "Own Thy Hover" post. Very funny statement, but very informative post. So, there I was, trying to hover and the kite wobbles all over the place as the wind changes suddenly and I'm thinking I've got to start keeping some sort of a flight diary. Write down what went well, what didn't, etc. Start keeping track of things. Maybe one day I really will own that hover and then I'll be glad I can read about my beginnings in Rev flying. So I decided to write a blog because I knew pen and paper style of log keeping is just not going to happen. And the title? Well... my hover is very much a wobble a lot of the time...

I flew for two hours. At times wind was steadier and I could hover really well - upright, left and right and also up-left and up-right. I even managed a few down-left and down-right ones, but it's so hard to lose control there. And one thing that really escapes me at the moment is upside-down flight. Or hover. Or anything! I can launch upside-down just fine, but the kite tends to turn the right way up all on it's own. It appears to need a more delicate balance than I can achieve right now. I also practiced some sliding left and right while kite stays upright as well as sliding up and down while facing left (well, right too, only very unsuccessfully).

Overall I feel I'm getting more control and can fly with less wind than before. Fingers crossed for some good wind tomorrow.

Additional snipet: When I finished writing the above, I checked Kiteworld and they had race rods back in stock. So I ordered a set. Woohoo!

Keep at it. It is very rewarding long term! Felix
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