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My first (mini) Megafly!

Posted by bartman, 27 June 2009 · 177 views

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If someone would have told me two years ago when I got back into this crazy sport, that there would be any kind of "megafly" in this little town I wouldn't have believed it. Aside from the appearances by iQuad in 2007 and 2008 and Island Quad this year the number of Revs in the air was, shall we say, underwhelming.

This year, on the other hand, there were 11 for the megafly and there could have been 13 had there been longer linesets and/or just pilots around for it in general. Eleven is probably good, 13 may have been bad luck.

To be honest, I wanted to do this, but I really didn't want to do it either. I've seen the pictures and videos from other megaflies, but considering my rookie status when it comes to sharing the sky the whole idea was rather terrifying. I wouldn't want to take down anyone's kite and worse yet to take down a kite or the whole affair in front of the spectators! What to do?

Thankfully, Terry and Mario from Island Quad really didn't leave much of a choice in matter. Sitting out was not an option given and they helped us through some of the learning curve with a little bit of coaching before the "event". The coaching was just little things, but by not making them a big deal they were indirectly helping us rookies to feel like it wasn't a big deal either.

When the time came all the available Revs were floated onto the main stage. It was going to be simple, just some basic stuff. I had a death grip on the handles even with Terry reminding everyone to relax and breath.

The manouvers were basic. Up, down, lines and a couple attempts at follow the leader. That was probably the most messy having only a little time to think about this one and practice beforehand. The attempt at a big ball and was quite successful (especially when we just went with a big potato instead) and the burst really looked good too. By this time my ab muscles were so tight it was getting hard to stand! Nerves were clearly working overtime. It lasted a good 20 or 30 minutes. Seemed like it was over in a flash. Would I do it again? Hell yes! Next time I want to do it better.

I didn't have the focus during the fly to hear any of the audience comments but I heard later that the people who came out from under the tents to stand in the cold and drizzle were quite impressed with that many Revs in such a small space.

It's my nature to analyze everything and this was no different. If I could go back and make this attempt again there are three things I'd do different. First is physical. I had a lot of brake on and was spending too much time fighting the kite near the bottom of the window. Terry could fly it just fine, however it was causing panic for me. Better to take 30 seconds and ease off the brake lines because ulimately it doesn't matter if someone else can fly it or not, I have to be comfortable with it. Second is mental. I was trying to watch everything and everyone. I needed to focus more on what I was doing with my kite. Last is the emotional aspect of it. I was a nervous wreck and convinced I couldn't do this. The thing is, I could do it. There was nothing that we did that required anything more than the basic flying skills. I would like to go back and focus on what I can do and enjoy the megafly to the fullest.

It is clear to me now why other Rev fliers get so excited about the chance to fly with friends in the same air space. There is an appeal that I can't describe, but I know I want more of it. The megafly was easily a personal highlight of the weekend. I learned so much and that knowledge has already manifested itself in my solo flying that I try to perfect for the next chance to brush lines with other fliers. As I stand in the field now I think about what I can do now and what I'm going to be able to do tomorrow, not what I can't do today and probably won't be doing tomorrow.

The megafly has taken my enjoyment of this sport to a whole new level. Thanks Terry and Mario for standing firm on the plan to get us rookies in the air together for this. It has made a huge difference for me!


Bart............so glad you had a good time. There is nothing better than getting in line the first time, making a couple of passes and all of a sudden realizing how less worried about it you should've been in the first place. A couple things to keep in mind, in no specific order are to breathe ( a good one so you don't pass out!) but learning to ride your brakes to keep spacing. Turn where the kite in front of you turns, not inside of it. Keep it slow and steady.

And yes, your comment about looking forward to meeting up with friends is accurate. In fact, the more the merrier....

Keep it up my friend!!!!!!!
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Sounds like you had an amazing time there. i can just imagine how scary it must have been to fly so close to the other people - they make it look so easy when you just watch, don't they? Still, it sounds like you were the one making it look easy, even if you were feeling nervous at the time. I'll look forward to reading more about your exploits :)
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