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Todays the day...

Posted by beach, 23 February 2009 · 201 views

Well here I am another day older and better looking, ha, ha, ha, ha, wow "what a long strange trip it's been"........ :blue-cool:
As most of you know this was both a good year for me and one that has been full of sadness, what has happened is thru all that has happened I have grown and become a better person..... What is really funny is thru all of this you out there have come on this amazing journey with me, we have flown Revolution kites from the deserts of Kuwait, to the shores of England, to the ends of Japan, we have been down town Paris, to down town Washington D.C., we have watched the sun set on the Pacific that day and rise over the Atlantic the following day....... :blue-cool: When this all started I never thought my life would be shared with with so many people over a world that is interconnected by kite lines, where even when I had no idea what the person next to me was saying they were still there with me shoulder to shoulder because they were a part of my Family and they like myself had a passion for something greater than ourselves....... There have been many, many great gifts that could be held in our hands during this great journey but the best gift that I personally have gotten thru all of this has been all of you, you have been my gift, you have been my strength, you have been my Family, and for this I want to just say "thank you" and remember that this gift of Family never goes bad nor ends, for it as life is eternal..... Today is my birthday but even better it is a day where I get to tell all of you thank you and let's get together
again soon....... Ben :blue-cool: :blue-cool:

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Happy Birthday Ben,

We will have to resolve to stand together this year and next year as well as into the future.

Best wishes

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Hey Ben, I'm a total caveman with this computer thing, like I told you, but I will give this a try and see if I can contact you???

Both Rev's (SLE 1.5 & Shockwave) are coming your way.... you should have them no later than Tuesday and possibly on Monday???? please see if you can make them fly.... remember the bridle on the SLE is wrong all over and the Shockwave's bridle is just came loose on the lower right side....

also, THOSE KITES ARE WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!!! look at you with all your ART COLLECTION!!!! what a guy.... if you or ANYONE you know, wishes to let one of them go, make sure to keep me on the list PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

actually, if you know of any USED vented models or just kites that don't get FLOWN MUCH anymore, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!! my feelings are if it came from a RESPECTABLE pilot, then the hours on her are not critical.....it's STILL A REV!!!!! right???? or do the stitching on the sails tend to STRETCH with time????

please keep me posted as to the condition of my two patients....also I would like to know if Seaside Kites is still in operation?????

thanks again for ALL YOUR HELP!!!!!

just a side note....I lived in just outside of Portland, OR. for the better part of my life and I never saw any of these kites flying down at the waterfront???? although, I'm not much of a CITY DWELLER either, so maybe they were there, but I didn't see them....???? I did travel across the bridges and I never saw a KITE let alone a REV!!!!!
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