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Flying my new Mesh Rev

Posted by jimfielder, 27 November 2008 · 967 views

It's Thanksgiving Day, we've been fed and it was time for a nap, however I decided I wanted a little time with my new Mesh Rev. The winds had been around 20 mph for at least an hour and I wanted some air time. I grabbed my photographer and headed down to the beach. I was a bit uneasy with the gustiness of the breeze, however I figured the "ventedness" of this kite would do okay. Elliot Shook, the maker of this kite says the total "vented" area is the same as that of a B-series, however, the vents are spread around the kite with equal spacing.
I'm not sure what I was really expecting, but I was totally amazed from my first launch. Smooth as silk, control - wow, I couldn't believe the control. Maybe it was the wind at my back that lead to my unsure expectations, wow, did say that before?
I live inland and I very infrequently have laboratory grade winds, I have learned to fly with winds that are frequently crap. Suddenly I had almost perfect control, suddenly everything was easy, suddenly I felt like I had "the touch".
I have flown dualies for over 6 years and Rev's for over 2 years. I have reasonable control with Rev's, not the greatest, but I can keep it from mowing people down and crashing every few seconds. I'm not ready to fly with iQuad, I'd like to join in on a mass fly someday, someday is a ways off.
But today, it was pure nirvana. A real confidence builder, sort of an epiphany moment so to speak.
Now for the thank you's!
Thanks Elliot for a very really fine, well built kite. Wonderful design and thanks for working with me on the color scheme.
Thanks to Dave Shenkman, I just reviewed "Rev it Up - Advanced Style", I was ready to "own my hover".
Thanks to Revolution for working with artisans outside their shop to bring in some really fine kites beyond the Rev brands. I really love my B-series and my Rev 1's, but today I had a special moment with a very fine kite.
And to Lolly for a special set of handles. (more on my "soft-touch" handles at a later date.)
After all it is thanksgiving.
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